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His heart is on the east coast
His heart is very pretty
She's the one he loves the most
Take him back to NYC
I never thought that one could love
what do you see
'Cause tonight we're gonna drop a little NYC

Having some fun, well, all of us are
Everyone around you's gonna be a star
'Cause it's
NYC girls
They're the P.Y.T.s of the world
If you get an NYC girl
Better keep that girl in your world

On Delancy street, out on Houston steet
NYC P.D. you can see them on the streets
All over new york city kick the punks all around

Police brutality, for you and me
Police brutality,
my head up
(NY love me) NYC, I see
(NY why me) am I NY? 

Try to run away
Ya know it's no use
Tongue in cheek so I can't speak
Vibrations knock
Through seventeen lights in a row 
Take a hold of my hand and come with me 
We'll go rockin' around in NYC 
Whenever ennui is takin' me way down 

I wanna be your kingpin
Living in Pekin
I wanna be your bigwig
Living in Pekin

I got the flu and away I flew
NYC, pediate blue
[includes part of the leather conversation]

[Guitar solo from The Torture Never Stops
The Palladium, NYC
October 30, 1980
Engineer: George Douglas
Ya got the chaos
To wake me up inside.
Ya got the hits
To wake me up inside.
Kick it.
Disneyland, N-Y-C.
Loop that signal.
Goes from you
To Rockaway beach
To Forest Hills
To N.Y.C.
Girl, you ain't got shit on me
Ain't got shit on NYC
Got nothin? on this city
Save all that cryin? for the queen

Go back to the motherland
Have your
Matt Bradley's got the broken teeth 
He wears a jean jacket with a bullet in the sleeve
He's just another Southern boy who dreams of nights in NYC
I don't know what what life will be in H.I.P.
H.O.P. without the boy H.O.V.
Not only NYC, I'm hip hop's savior
So after this flow you might owe me
But my heart will always live 
With you and me there

But I can't afford to live in N.Y.C.
And she can't afford to leave
Was it
Eh yo this ones for all my M-O-B-B
And my out of state niggas reppin NYC
To my duns up in the clink stuck in the thing
For my dogs on the corner
"Ecstasy." he said. And then...

He fucked her all night. Fucked her all night. Fucked her all night.
Fucked her all night...

It's just one night in NYC. One
Dooby-do yeah let's do this dance now
This dance started down in NYC
Now they're doing it on TV
All the way to the Pacific shore
Man it's
One million light years from home
Throwing up and feeling small
Where have I gone and landed tonight
I've been shot right to the core
it to your heart, please don't be afraid
I'm the one who loves you in each and every way
Tell it to your heart, please don't be afraid
N.Y.C. lovers
Brawls, killings, boroughs, buildings, disease, stress in these N.Y.C

It be the guns, money, pussy, cars, drugs, jewels, clothes
Brawls, killings,
the dead till you're crazy in the head
But you can't get away from me

No, you can't get away from me
Seattle, Hollywood, or N.Y.C.
You're a tour bus
dog from flushing. queens
And still he's lurking. and still he creeps
He's still around
The devil man from NYC
The alleyway - fantasy's raging
As she's flying to my world
And I'm waiting for a N.Y.C. girl
And I'm waiting for a N.Y.C. girl
(Dwele Dwele, Dwele Dwele, Dwele Dwele, Dwele Dwele)
What you do when you move to NYC and you left your sounds at home
All you got in the box
New York City, N.Y.C.,
Pretty mean when it wants to be,
Black leather,knee-hole pants,
Can't play no high school dance,
Fuzz tone,hear 'em go,