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Are four letters
Are not one

L M NM N Ohhhhhh!
L M N Ohhhhhh!

Are four letters
Are not one

Uz je tu koniec a predsa dobry,
Zostal len priestor pre nas dvoch.
Uz je tu koniec, takto to chodi,
Sptaj sa o nm povie Boh.
Uz je tu koniec, prestan
'si mo laoch, mo ghile mear
'si mo chaesar, ghile mear.
Suan na sian nm bhfuaireas fiin
O chuaigh in gciin mo ghile mear.

Bmmse buan are
realize it 
when my baby packed up to leave

gave all my money
gave al i could
gave all my lovin
but that didnt' do no good
yes i'nm a ?? 
well i
Slaughtered, burned, raped
Satanic N.M. takes over
The law is set by chaosgoat
You obey, you slaves, you die !

[repeat chorus]

Cunt !

[repeat chorus]
harhaile Helsingiss
Hnkin kaikki nm vuodet
On ollut siell, miss
Taivaan nauravan puhurin alla
Siell iti laulellaan, maljoja nostellaan,
Paksuja lanteita
throne upon a mountain of their bones
Then oh my children we shall drink their blood

[Solo: O.M, N.M, E.H]
Prohl?dne v s jednou prov? dy
Rootan - temnot mocnì P n,
Neskryjete p?ed n¡m nic,
Nejste pro n?j hlavolam!
Tak pomn?te,? e tuto s¡lu,
Z hlubin zem? prìst¡c¡,
Oh, in dragonland

"The dragonlord circled the plains of ivory and knew
That the battle forthcoming would be heard all across this world"

[Solo: N.M
to the Wang
Damn, Alexander to McQueen
Yeah, you rockin New 7 Jeans
No, we rockin NM Joe Jeans
No, I'm rockin them Balmain jeans
Aye got your bitch all
to the N.M. slums
Niggaz know when they see us that they don't want none cuz

We shut ‘em down Man we break ‘em off foul nigga
We shut ‘em down You don’t wanna

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