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MolotovMolotov Jive 


hořet, nezbylo nic
Ohli jsme ho moc, jeden velkej kolotoč
Stromy padaly jak hlavy, místo míru molotov
A to byla ta past, krásný veliký ryby pak v moři
the enemy approaches

Who do you trust?
Tell me who do you trust?
I see 'em coming at us
But when the molotov drops
Tell me who do you trust?
Point me at the dance floor
Throw me in
I'ma l—l—light it up
I'm a m—m—molotov
I'ma get this whole party all
Watch me now

Drinks intus
Wär' mein Leben ein Cocktail, wäre es ein Molotov

Molotov, Molotov
Molotov, Molotov

Ah, salute, salute
Primo zerfetzt, gib mir nur
Molotov nel cuore
L'altro ieri al mare
Ti ho detto cretino
Non ti vuoi mica buttare
Insieme ai tuoi amici

Sono peggio di te
Sono peggio di te
Molotov is who we be

M to the O to the L to the O to the T to the O to the V

For those illiterate bastards who cannot spell Molotov is who we be

who cannot spell Molotov is who we be

M to the O to the L to the O to the T to the O to the V

For those illiterate bastards who cannot spell
gleich alles in die Luft fleigt

M-M-Molotv, Molotov
Explosiver Sprengstoff
Das hier macht ein riesen Loch in deinen Kopf rein voll auf Sendung
Coup, yeah
It's all good man, we off in the Oakland Hills
Dodging em' one time, check it out

If you got beef with see-O-P's
Throw a Molotov
zlatokop co kope tenhle soubor slok
Řídim provoz, tak nech proudit tenhle potok slov
A moje slow flow hoří jako molotov
Mý sloky jsou top dope, solo pro
up at all

Well do we miss you, yes we do
Father sends his regards to you
Will I write well once in while
I'll send my love and a Molotov cocktail
trousses, man y faut que je run

J'ai un truck volé pis un shotgun, un shotgun
Burning fire dans un cocktail Molotov, Molotov
J'ai des zombies à mes trousses
turn to Molotov
Molotov the spaceship doors before that bitch is taking off
It always seems the poorest persons are people forsaken, dawg
a divertirnos
Morenos y gueritos
Mestizos y negritos 
También los amarillitos

Aquí la raza pura
Es la pura raza
(molotov está en la casa)
Aquí la raza
Molotov?s for Emmitt, you ain't as hot as I is
All of these false prophets is not messiahs

You don't know how high the sky is
The square mileage of earth for
come across
Molotovs go to slavery in the Holocaust
Lotta chalk, you ain't lit up, then you not a boss
Light the darker alleys, it might just spark
Salvensen, y escuchen a molotov
Salva tu alma go fuck your mama
Susto cañon le doy miedo al espanto
No me busquen en Vips, no me busquen en Sanborn's

out like a Molotov
In the night sky

I broke a promise to myself
Made a couple to a brown eyed girl
Who rode with me through the mean ol' world
Juggernaut, molotov
Panzerfaust, Glock, Kalashnikov
AK4, civil wars
Anywhere near contradictions
there's friction

I have an inborn addiction
keep it inside, and hide it.
In hopes my avoidance will cure it.
But there's no time for this again.

So light it up and let it fly away. 
A Molotov
a Molotov cocktail
No no can't stop flowin' no
Gettin' paid off girls
Rockwells, high L's
Well as drop sales with Stockwell
Street Dog with a molotov
right between your eyes
An unexploded ordinance
Variate the deviance
A Glasgow Kiss or a Molotov
I'm about to blow it all

Countless, broken by
Wesh mon frère, laisse cette pierre, laisse cette innocente vitrine
Si c'est toi qui tires tu transformes le tireur en victime
Je souffle sur ce molotov
J'suis du 9.3. comme Sefyu, molotov, molotov, molotov

Non, j'peux pas oublier
Que je viens du quartier
Non, j'peux pas roupiller
Kalaché, bombardier

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