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The Modernist  


probably be a lobbyist
I heard a broke boy is a optimist
Must be why I'm always sad isn't it obvious?
Baby girl got class she such a modernist
Damn look
Your ticket’s to one way

But in this story there wasn’t a point

We never ask our hearts

The destiny is so hard when hurrying

It’s like a modernist
isn't, or is it a natural conception
Torn by the arms in the opposite directions
It isn't, or is it a Modernist reaction
Born in a war of opposite
isn't, or is it a natural conception
Torn by the arms in the opposite directions
It isn't, or is it a Modernist reaction
Born in a war of opposite
Sometimes its blinding in the race
But I'll be here smiling when I see your face

Yeah its hard to know the truth
In this post-modernist view
up to cope?

(Ooh, yeah yeah)
(Ooh, yeah yeah)
(Ooh, yeah yeah)
(Ooh, yeah yeah)

We're trapped in
Undergoing modernist sins
The probe cannot
și la scor și la vrăjeală 
Oltean get pe get, sunt băiat cu scoala
Lirica murdara, devine o boala
Poet modernist îți umplu o coala
Atent la vrăjeală,
that I'm not a modernist I just like
To reminisce and take the piss,
Chill out and look at some vines
Maybe instead of drinking lean we could just sip
the most knowledge Quiet
The philosophies of the post Modernists are ominous
1984 Knocking on your door

Politicians think once
Speak twice
They money whores
now now now running on

That post-modernists superstition and surrealism flows through the world
And they are still moving for emotion with no need
An expressionist 
A communist 
An explicitly vivid post-modernist 
An evolutionist 
A revolutionist 
A monarch mocking royalist 
An elitist 
A curvy cubist 
the past now
And i'm avant-garde now
A modernist of modernity

Just tell them i'm all about the tango
Oh yeah
to stare 
As he imagined her keen embrace 
Of perfume, mascara and a glimpse of lace 

The world is at The Scene 
The original modernist dream 
I’ve never been the king of the sea
Never been a true rock prodigy
Hardly breathing on this modernist age
Middle class in some cynical game
Become 2nd rate rock journalists
Never satisfy the need to outwit
And influence the modernist
Whoa too many people need a pseudonym
They cut their
of spirituality
Color could speak to the soul
Early modernists sculpture
Breaking the rules formed simplified
Face minimal, blue, period, later, pink, rose, period
closet door
I see through your theories
And past your home decor

Pseudo hippy pseudo punk
Post modernist or modern junk
Getting high or getting drunk
Zap wrong grammar with zen like glamour 
Can't help but pander to post-modernists 
Argue my loses to nonsense alarmists 
Excuse this poorly
Gece gibi karararak
Ruhum kaplanıyo kan
Şeytanla yer değiştirip
Kaybediyorum kendimi

Derya anakonda
Gel dans et bana fonda
Post modernist tavırlar ey
Darwinistic pragmatism
Oh, how do we reason? With relative naturalism
The modernist Marxist, the wittiest and the darkest

A pity we don't love artists like
Burning down the capitol, bring them all down together
Cynical selfies of post-modernist half and half
Package Man (4AM)
Shouting all
than real
You're the leader of truth
The preceders of style 
You're the modernist view

And any way you look it's only
Another chance you took but only
is here to stay
In the house tonight because of Frank Lloyd Wright
The bass goes “boom!” like dynamite
“Yo, Wright was a modernist!”
Yeah I know
Wu-Tang ve I.T rehberimdi ondandır bu özveri!

Elit rapçi demek miydi modernist bi' serseri?
Fakir doğdu fakat yine de ölmez öyle sersefil
Soytarı mı

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