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Trapped in the stars
We're turning the pages
We are lost in the middle ages

All out of luck
We're turning the pages
We're lost in the middle
is that you would have changed if only you’d known 
Where you’d be and to be here is very strange waking up alone 
In the middle ages

All along
I came home so happy
I came when it was coming up to one
I mean I came when the midnight was past
I mean I came when the middle age was gone
Light is particle and wave
Our histories written large upon the page
The star in middle age
The love that fades to black
Once revealed, won't be
Defined by age - Defined by age

The complacency of middle age
False dignity, moral outrage
Is just the same as the teenage rebel pose
Another source
A matter of growing old when we're young it's May
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious May
Then middle age is like the turning of the year
This is the fascinating tale of the Templars, propably the most powerful and mysterious organisations of the Middle Ages.
The Order of The Poor
everyone one out for oneself
      oneself, oneself

Tchaikovsky Arrastâo (Violin concerto in D major) and Arrastâo of the Middle Ages bourdons
tired of being 4 real
Only the fiction still has the appeal

How I hate middle age
In between acceptance and rage
Democracy has sure made a fool out
a circular saw
Shallow rattling breath with a wee cough
Watching the threads disintegrate
Foisted into the middle ages
Watching the threads disintegrate
of fame, fortune and glory. 
Now you're lost in a haze of alcohol soft middle age 
The pie in the sky turned out to be miles too high. 
And you hide,
on by LSD

During the middle ages a similar witch hunt broke out in Europe
It is thought that ergot poison was to blame then, too
Whatever the cause,
of the freak generation
You're gonna burn to have delation

When the pendulum swings it cuts
When the big door swings open and shuts
Yeah, we'll be middle-age
Dark middle ages, centuries of pain
The appearance of the inquisitions
Religion turned out to be insane
In these times of witch prosecutions
A matter of growing old when we're young it's May
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious May
Then middle age is like the turning of the year

Roman church
Leading curse
Preaching middle age
Confiscates human life
Through a simple condom cage
New born sekt's
Growing facts
That can't be
Wise woman power and herbal lore

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"

Inquisition in the middle ages
Phallocentric Christian outrages
Hot wheels at traffic lights
Hot deals, transactional rights
From middle age sophisticates
To stone aged reprobates

I can see through your lies,
It's like the middle of a... age
I feel the space between us all
A forced expense 
But the big divide
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
of fear
Unfair punishment of free lifestyle?
Will we return to the middle-ages?
You? ll get distrustful of your friends
Carelessness and indiference will
Clumsy at love and I'm middle age crazy
I stumble along with a tumble and fall

Or maybe I'll come to my senses
Or come back to you when the fences are
I've been thinking about this wasted time
Straight to middle age, I'm last in line
So I drug myself to get some peace
'Cause you turn it like it's
The Authority Box
and the headgrenade
Love is in the blade
Noone ever touches
Everybody watches everyone

When the spoilt child
Hits middle
should've kept him in a cage
Kept him sitting waiting there
to show the tortoise middle-age

Cause you never back an animal
that struggles on two

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