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I ain't even got no Medicaid yay-yay-yay-yay
My lil' baby twenty-eight-eight-eight-eight
I be out here sellin' yay-yay-yay-yay
I be on that
read O you T out

Don't be bad
A mad hatter's beret
Sometimes you look like you just mad an escape
Don't be mad
Or lose your medicaid cool
read O you T out

Don't be bad
A mad hatter's beret
Sometimes you look like you just mad an escape
Don't be mad
Or lose your medicaid cool
keepin' score Who's keepin' 
Pension, weren't no mention,
Medicaid? Sorry, and the g-men, 
Got the word in Gettin' wise, Goodnight

Pistol blew
the stuff that he's coming up with
Blaming all your fuck-ups 
On Mexicans & the Muslims
But they are not the reason that Medicaid's underfunded
And they are
enough to feed,
to medicate,
to clothe the backs and housin' for families,
the cuts in care and Medicaid leads me believe our government just doesn't
of love.

Doctor can you hear me? I need some Medicaid
I seen the kingdoms of the world and it's making me feel afraid
What I got ain't painful, it's
healthcare, but I'm on welfare
Man I swear to god, I wish I was living in Bel Air
Fuck Medicaid, I just wanna get paid
Wit' a couple bad bitches at the crib,
It's the lack of Medicaid and these bitches got AIDS
And they snaggin at the why, player we too high
I ain't really into ballin and tossin my chips (uh
cock it back click-click-click Hey!
It's Dr Bombay
Sick flow, get your Medicaid
And I'm like Hey!
My hometown is NJ
Eyes redder than Reynaldo Rey
I just
to the man. 
Avoid collisions in mid-air, medicaid and welfare
Zero zero what the fuck do you care? 
All the lights be out, you can't get nowhere. 
on your mind on the welfare line?

Cuttin' Medicaid got us droppin' like flies
Words from the wise comin' from the dead
Not alive from Facundo Ariel
wit the line of the health clinic
I seen Crazy Stacy her ass standin' up in it
No more welfare cut her medicaid
Damn my mama used to do her braids
marks right through your mecca 
want to be a thug, now you got the thug look, 
Stick em up, leave medicaid, with the real to push 
God body, with
got a band-aid
Can't go see a surgeon cause I ain't on medicaid or should I say medical
I'm in this pal for quite sometime
Now I been wanted for
with the line of the health clinic
I seen Crazy Stacy, her ass standin' up in it
No more welfare, they cut her Medicaid
(Damn! My momma used to do her
get caught up in my ways
I been lost out here like Pacman, feelin' like I'm in a maze
Steady leanin' off promethazine, I ain't got no Medicaid
venetian blinds
The mission is mine, fabulous king I devine
Titanium Hydro collado, Yo dunn dunn polly dis conjunction
Son what, slang doctor, Medicaid
Medicaid ran out.
Show me a weapon line,
There's a mother on the phone,
Tryin' to beat the drought.
Tell me when will this end?
Medicaid the kids pay it
Say if these niggas in affect dunn, stay rap related
Cassette rhymer, 5-G co-signer, line for liner
Poet designer, sharp like
'Cause I see you in Mi Casa
The perfect getaway

I cover us both, just like Medicaid
Try to regulate the good life, just a taste 
When we finally get
the bed with pains in their back
And behind their head
Witch doctors giving more Medicaid but ain't no aid
But these ain't tha same from 'Nam, didn't
house with no one home
I see through walls that's hard to climb
I'm losing my mind

No medicaid, no medication
Thinking you're better off dead
so strong
Received Medicaid and food stamps for so long

We were in Section 8 all the way 'til I was grown
She played both roles, king and queen

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