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MDMA, Vol. 3 (Anthony Acid) · MDMA, Vol. 4 (Justin Time) · MDMA (Space Dragon)

addicted to your love

Now that your name
Pumps like the blood in my veins
Pulse through my body, igniting my mind
It’s like MDMA and that’s OK

Your name's
the enemy on ol' MDMA

Said the King of contradiction 
To the Queen of mystery
The Prince of paradox, 
He dogs me like a flea
So I'll set my troops upon
don't know what you meant
So Alec you may want a pill
We are so cruel to communicate
Without the red stuff being spilled
We must MDMA our sentiment
and two whole days
Losing my mind on MDMA, it was

After that everything changed
bang paix
Volver check, connard take a shower 
Véritable artiste
Ed Hopper

Ça vient de Paris et de Bruxelles sud
MDMA flow uppercut
Shlag music
A lot of talent a chemical imbalance and MDMA (MDMA)
I can't reroute it so people they hear bout it and ten to turn away (tend to turn away)
Es ist Freitag Mittag 'ne Spontane Idee
Von Berlin bis nach Prag im T5 von VW
Acht Atzen eine Bong, MDMA, Koks und E's
So geht’s ab in den
her heart was real, he'd find out that night 
When this pig pulled them with enough 
MDMA to be put away for life 
No way, how could this happen
leave me alone

Fightin' for my respect, receive it or nothin' else
Preachin' and geekin', I kinda think that I'm Malcolm X
MDMA in my juice, jaws tired
Cause the facts represent we got the skills that they lack the 
MDMA up in my veins making me insane warm squiggles up and down my brain, 
Brain, brain,
represent we got the skills that they lack the MDMA 
up in my veins making me insane warm squiggles up and down my brain, 
brain, brain, brain, brain. 
angry letter on our door step
On our door fucking step

Woke up with raccoon eyes and crackled face paint
From a night of campfires and MDMA
The sun
Here Take a drive, play some cards, take MDMA
We could learn to love in a different way
So, scan the horizon or stare at the floor
I am Yours'
the past
I tried that MDMA ecstasy
And it only brought me down
But know whenever you're around
I know that

You, you are
My designer drug
And only you
It's really going down in the goddamn south
I 3-up, 100 to the end

Weed, lean, MDMA, he say she say
All the products of a young man gone the long
für den Lambo Diablo GT
Frankfurt am Main ist nicht Miami Vice aber wir sind im 80er-Film
Traffic mit Beyda und MDMA, die ganze Stadt wird belebt
wieder da!
Der Roller hebt ab, wir überfliegen die Stadt
MDMA im Champagner, schütt' Liebe ins Glas
Immer bereit für Randale, das Team ist am Start
District, V.A. all day
PG MoCo they sweaters
Guess who made MDMA?
Amy Wine to Cobain
Qur'an, Bible or fate
Try not to feel like I'm Robin Will'
Ayahuasca, harmine give it all to me I want it

These are just a few of my favorite things [X 2]

Trisolam and zanex, serotonin, mdma, ibogaine, dopeamine,
mdma, ibogaine, dopeamine,
Tetra-hydro-chloride, atenolol,
Amanita muscaria,
Boric oxide, arrabinitol, psilocin, and flamizine,
Cylotec and harmaline
??? to get the skills that they lack
The MDMA up in my veins makin' me insane
??? up inside my brain

Brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain,
sittin' in my van
This is who I am, wrote these lyrics on my D-N-A code
Happy as hell, M-D-M-A, yo!
F*** a job, there ain't no one that I call my boss
these niggas and take 'em real far
Deep space, they be sleep for a while, dig it
Henny remix, a pinch of MDMA
Nigga came in saucy, left out shitty
on the MDMA, feelin' better
Said that her favorite car was a Jetta
Sent me some champagne all with a letter
Made me say musa, musa, musa
I want to go down to St.
Dans ce monde où tout peut s'acheter
Tu te sens libéré, t'as le rire bavard
Capturé par ton nirvana

Dédicace à ma

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