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out for food
And I also like her throat action with a passion
Love in her mouth for dental satisfaction
That means I hit the head like Greg Louganis
Louganis then I'm splashin'
Ughhh, bust one back of the 'llac, stabbin (hootie hoo!)
She know what's happenin, there's no reason to doubt it
If you ask
'm starting at the top, I'm only goin down
I'm Greg Louganis, hopin I don't drown
except I'm not gay, I don't have AIDS
so I guess I'm not in fact
after I warn him
Don't jump
You as gay as
Greg Louganis into that water
You don't want it
You can either have a nice afternoon
Or you can have your family
to West Bubblefuck 
So don't front like you don't know what my name is 
Before I start diving up in that ass like Greg Louganis 
That's not my number one
lougani hmm
Karisu oidaba nakhoina hui gumna khongbadi hmm
Karisu natchade adubu your chick gotta fuck my naavas to get to me hmm
Look my history, hourunu
Small ass pussy get widen
I’m jumping in I’m diving
Greg Louganis form I got it
Trying to hate
Just separate can you blame us
We keep the verses between us like two Cramer's
Dive in 
Sweep all the events like Louganis 
Start using Rude
And the fat lady sings, that's that
Shaven anus like Greg Louganis
Off the diving board he's brainless
I'm fucking famous like Amos
Chocolate chip now bop with
(Look at my motherfucking shoulders, son)

Yo, I'm diving in like Louganis
I'm aiming right for that anus
Trying to give her a payment to rent

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