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The Laptop (MC Lars) · Laptop Symphony (BT)

the beat drop
Baby, fuck me 'til my heart stop
'Til my heart stop

Bleeding out my laptop
Blood leaking out my laptop
Bleeding out my laptop
The river that we're drinking from is singularity

Chuck your laptops
Chuck your lights
Chuck your cash crop
Chuck your tights
Chuck your
It's my life, that machine
All of my thoughts inside that machine
I've got my youts laptops young
So when they get older, money ah go run
is your TV
My laptop's got a bigger screen
Baby there ain't no doubt,


Someone to kill the spiders
And by the way you're out of beer
brave on the laptop
So bored with life
Speak truth to the the church choir
Go take sides
My mind like a magnet

Breathe in the night
That crushed a tired sunrise
Born again the day
Brings young naivety

A laptop souvenir is worth its weight
In silver
the nude
Digital good time, digital good time
Said she'd lap dance on your laptop
While your laptop's in your lap
Digital good time, digital good time
really makes my mouse click

Come sit down on my laptop
Lets do a little hip hop
Let's go into a chat room
And do a little boom boom

I saw you in
french) wow
Kept inept in shrink wrap, I'm a cereal killer
And I'm the free inside, die rabbit die, wow
Laptop nights and porno sites
Rosey palms
Fnac will carry my name

An obiturary by Mr. Toop
Now he's gone there's one less laptop loop
With your help this time 'round I might recoup
laptop computer
I'm so in love with the man of the future
The only one that brings me joy is my computer boy
(Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy)

I'm trying not
down laptops

My ex-classmates' kids

Talking show not end
They cheat the kids
I cry for them
I cry for me, I cry for thee
into the contents of a Samsonite bag Me, a laptop, 2 suitcases and I'm coming to see you whether you like it or not Whether you like it or not

Of a laptop computer
Somewhere in L.A
O' say can you see
He's American made

Now the pedal's to the metal
And he ain't slowin' down
Keepin' faith
laptop, packaging so posh
Fits like a glove in that tiny little white box
Pretty as a picture but it ain’t all show
At 8 Ram deep I be running logic pro
Unendliche Weiten
die Meute mit Meinung
ein uralter Hass
in neuer Verkleidung
hier kommt keine Wahrheit oder Realität
Idioten mit Laptop
the laptop down for a while
In the night there is something wild
I feel it, it's leaving me

(La la, la la, la la la la)
(La la, la la, la la la la)
(La la, la
baby, I got to see you
And I really want to please you
So get on my laptop so I can download

Online, I love the way you log on
We can do it all night
Ever seem to turn on
I guess I never had
That much to say


I got a laptop
That sits on a desk
I don't use it much
I go sometimes
To clear my head and get away
Got my channel on TV, no laptop for me
Cold beer, smile on my face
Now take my advice
You better
a picture pops up on her laptop
She can't pick her cell phone up fast enough

Sometimes you just need a little home
Some "hey mom and dad what's goin' on?"
his wife
But one day she turned her laptop on
And his whole profile page was gone

And that’s the thing about Facebook friends
Looked in my laptop what did I see
A flashing message said today therapy
Rather walk through fire
Than converse with my shrink
But I'm getting
your butt off of that lazy couch
Put down the laptop and get out of that house
Don't need no nothing all I need is time for the simple life

I got

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