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la gente en las calles, risas y lamíns.
... Y de par en par todas las puertas se abrirán
... ¡Nina!, todo un año en Barcelona...,
se va a hacer
keimah lamin ruahsan caan

Ka theithiam theu lo
I el tikah 
Ka theifiang theu lo
Daiten I um San caanah 
Hmanseh ka thin nau lo
Ka theifiang sal tikah
love I don't got no time
Soon the whole world will be mine
Grind hard in the summertime (Lamin dey ya oh)

Summer time grind uh
All mi money summertime
Truca que truca, os trucadors te trucarán.
Una perreta ta o pochón... ¡y a desfilar!

-“¡Dilín-dilón!, ¡ye san Antón!
¡Lamíns, turrón, un
baby you gon' think we hating,
So know what they're saying, them other boys is lamin'
Oh, wanna take me for that ride?
Tonight I'll make you feel
I make the lamin', then I hit the blamin' 
That's real shit 
Then I roll it up and then I smoke it up 
And I put it under funky feel tip 
Got no
Always got time for my g's
If they're hungry then I'll bring fam in
Bro that's Lamin
M9, Sam & IB
Only real ones stand in my team
And you know
Your not Mez and
Your not Lamin G
I'm all about energies
You're not Fresh and
Your not Femi G
I don't wanna work
Cause I don't feel The chemistry
pussy, baby,
Nick Cannon
It’s the body language
Universal understanding
I can’t fuck with a lot of niggas cuz they lamin
Going dumb in the club
Like I’m
Lamin dey ya oh 
Baby gyal wetin you know 
It's your eyes 
It's your smile 
Baby gyal you dey drive me wild 
For your love I go switch lifestyle 
(Lamin Iwasini), wel wakt kaydos tkil alia 
(Abandoned, nobody who tells me somenthing, this is heavy for me)
Netraja fik tnakdini (matrmish ayam) Shababia
Go hard Maiden
All theses mumble rappers lamin
Came back to slay them

This is ma throne Hoe
I be in ma zone tho
Knock this shit out
I’m like

don Ever fake ask my Niga Lamin 
don ever hate ask my Niga Henry 
no enemies they all 6 foot deep 
no worries life most be sweet 

Girl u know Dee
Conocí a Lamin en el Set59,
my memories don't go back so far, u know?
También conocí a Kaiz, Roy, Nil, Ibu, Osman, Sam,
y aunque la distancia haga mella
Anwaru thoha la taghib
Ballighna liqahu ya mujib

Fadatkha-ruuhi ya habib
Muhammadun mukrimal-gharib
Biqurbikar-ruhu tathib
Ya rahmatal-lila'lamin

like a youngin work for ruffles
Iced out rollie, nah this not no fitbit
Like Lamin said, I took her the crib like pick six
I am not no sugar dad, don't
now I'm clean 
You could tell by the Buddha on my jeans 
Flexin y'all fugazi 
Ain't got shit on lamin 

I'm stacking dough 
Need my space like a cornrow

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