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Good friends with bad habits,
What am I to do?
They're literary romantics,
They fuck like wilde,
And indulge like hemingway.

I've good friends

Epigraphic text, a literary vex
The macabre perplexed, with corporeality meshed

Euthenic text
An unpleasant journey, to a world perplexed
Ou guys suck because your webpage doesn't recognize common literary devices and assumes them to be html....

as such... I demand that you repay me
the literary literal
Ending up with the usual
Drinker with a writing problem
What's a word that rhymes with problem?

Save me, Chinaski!
teeth in my head
They tried to suck away my everlasting soul
I talked to God and all his literary friends
Said I was late so I just shoved it in again
you rude
Your sweet are kid of bizarre
Your sweet never come
Down the road again

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I'm looking for some
More then literary
used to work for a literary journal but she's really into guitar)
This girl that I know
I met her at a Booker T. Show
(She kind of brushed me off I
Scoring high in procreation
Got an 'A' in the study of female anatomy

He thinks about his teacher in his literary class
He's staring at her legs
think you are?

The tres bon mots you almost quote from your
Quiver of literary darts
A thousand or so tuneless violins thrilling your cheap
more heroes, there is no hope anymore.

Generations of literary masterpieces 
And avant-garde aesthetics are now buried under the trend of the week.
She knows - about all the evil in this world
She knows - what blackness lurks in our souls
She parts her lips and gives me a literary quip
can I get over it
And where in the world will I meet
That literary, lean, stripe suited lover
I’ve read about all of my life
Which I fear is a ruse
Personally, I'm more than a little disillusioned with castration. I've used it numerous times as a literary device, and it seems to have
Cinematic,I was cynical on the city bus
Literary wrote lyrics like I thought I was
We were sleeping ,racing for the future
Bicycle tires ,spinning revolution
Fresh Prince] It's new, it's out of the ordinary
It's rather extraordinary,
So yo bust this commentary 
A literary, genius, and a superior beat
wanna love, wanna sift through the creation time by
Night with your thoughts you know
I am just a literary fox with a song
They come in like shells
that once contained
My literary charades
New blots of ink, archetypal shapes and shades
Bleed through each and every page
And I ask myself
great literary works
will not be recited by poetry enthusiasts
will not be quoted by politicians nor men of religion
dis poem s knives bombs guns blood
And the literary ladies
Wish me well now
A slab upon a plane that
Through the air is silver swaying
Into sun now
I hightail my cool haircut
I'm iller than all
Dineri, see I'm a literary genius
Bury niggaz with words, a cemetery linguist
Most rappers are comedy gold
They like they
accept it. Because it is stupid and dishonest for us to go around implying that us literary, intellectual, politically aware, feminist-type men are
Blowin' the star dust, distance twelve parsecs
Enthuse your phalanx with my literary talents
Just a bit of balance, rip the silence
In space,
Blowin' the star dust, distance twelve parsecs
Enthuse your phalanx with my literary talents
Just a bit of balance, rip the silence
In space,
wicked raps
Dr. Dre will kick the scratch
With treachery, my literary form will blast
And totally surpass the norm
Not a storm, plural, make it, many

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