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[Lord Finesse #1]
Yeah, what's up Finesse?

[Lord Finesse #2]
Aw yeah! What's up, money?

[LF1] Just tripping on how girls used to be flipping last
my time
lf you gotta a feel
Flowers and wine with you
Somebody says Leve is blind
All you do is smile
lf my pride make a little fight
for a while
stop the bragging on top the posing
Because you know say all na vanity vanishing

Malo ro kpe omo kpe nikan lo ma lowo lf to say na just me e
Malo ro kpe
holla at your boy

See me drive by lf see me drive by
lf If l gat my swag
I pop more bottles(l pop l pop)
Chil my pado
If you see me drive by holla
And your beauty not here
Need you right here
And murder be the case
lf I no see you right here
Senorita o me like her
Her hair and her body na fire
and all that, all that. 

[AG] All that, all that, Diggin in the Crates, Finesse Squad 

[LF] Peace to Showbiz, Diamond D 

[AG] All that, all
you live you can not learn it all
You go only do your best because you no go fit do all
lf you want to criticize me talk small small
You no holy pass my
the reason I can better you
Publishing is so incredible 
You ain't never been too credible 
lf you don't know the lingo 
Then you can't come round here 
I call
feel you close now
I got your sorrows
I got your happiness
Can take your burden
lf you want me to dose it
I love to do for you
Again and again
You always try to have
everythin' just as you want it
Skip,Skip without a sketch map
lf you always try to have
everythin' Honey
Spit, Spit Never mind
on top if I go alone
I no fit finnish up unless you come along
I need you my brother
This life no be Hollywood
lf I offend you paddy mi mabibu
Shebi when
again... [L.F.:] You won't believe it!
[B.D.:] Once again... [L.F.:] It's M.O.P., you see it!
Can't stop, won't stop!  Can't stop, won't stop!
Can't stop,
looked for somebody to love
lf you're feeling down,
I will love you so
more than you know
For such a long, long time
So many people
have looked for
Egbowo yin soke (adupe fun olorun)
Oya komole (adupe fun olorun)
Jeka jeun soke (my brother)

lf I start to talk
The thing wey I don take my eye see we no
she no go school
I see am for Cameroun
I see am for London too
Dem talk say she no fit cook
They say that she's nothing good
lf you see wetin l dey see
the ground

A flood of feeling sweeps around

And the wheels of my life start turning again

Lf l could stay

In the sky

Suspended in time
har dr?jt
Fr?n benpipa utskuren fl?jt
H?rs toner som bed?var
Som modf?llt lamslog
I den str?lf?ngsfalnande himmelsgl?d
Vederg?llningens st?mma lj?d
boy's not that bad, enh, it's no biggy
It's the G-O, the L-F, we go-go, no homo
We black out, and go hard like JoJo and fuckin' Diggy
No ship in this
a golf plot
My drive is for you to put your face in a hole like ostriches
If you got a cough out, so LF95 is like a cough drop
Meets Kafka, meets Bane
the carload
You know LF won to come out the top
But for this ten I'ma just open up the car door
And my deepness
Might spit the stash box sequence that I
Code of the streets, owners who creep
Slow when you sleep, holding the heat
Put holes in your jeep, respect the streets
It's the L-I L-F A-M (M!) E
maybe next time

MC's acting wild better get calm
Or you'll get laughed at like like a sitcom
I spell my name A with the see-E
Not an "LF" folks,
Code of the streets, owners who creep
Slow when you sleep, holding the heat
Put holes in your jeep, respect the streets
It's the L-I L-F A-M (M!) E
Darling remember from when you come to me
That Im the pretender,
I?m not what I'm supposed to be
But who could know, lf I'm a traitor?

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