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Nathan Juilliard  


and it’s very hard
Tryna let you in and i can’t cuz I’m very scared
From the boulevard acting different Juilliard
Yeah they way you
know who we are 
I be dancing round you niggas like it's Juilliard 

Need to retire 
Nigga be my guest 
Y'all shit is tired 
Your studios a kingsize bed
down and make chips
Reload and change clips
I need a MOB bitch
Yeah something like a movie star
Dance on my dick like it's Juilliard
I need a MOB bitch
I been serving y'all lines like the ref on the heat
Came out the mud like some cleats from the yard
Don't play on my top have you dance Juilliard
Many years went by without a word from the witch
He went to Juilliard, now ain't THAT a bitch?

Adolescent boy 12 years old
Hipster kiddo with
a graduate of Juilliard
Walk alone, talk alone, get my Charlie Parker on
Make my mark alone, shed light upon the dark alone
Get my sparkle on, it's
Weave some tale about us...

I lost all my money for Juilliard.
I hid in the phone booth at Масу's.
I slept in a brothel, on the way to
the living proof

I got laughed at by future stars
They get their masters from Juilliard
I learned to sing
In a chicken coop

And I watched you
of a easel
Threw a piece of your heart in a jar for the people
To dissect at Juilliard
I'm the best at who we are, that's fucking food for thought
cheesing like Parmesan
Got the audience in Juilliard trippin' they know I'm a throw you a hundred ones
And you know we gone have us a ton of fun, hun
I knew
ooh you a star
Then make it home right for dinner time
Where'd you study at, Juilliard
You so gifted, no audition
Must be chasing after the fame
Michael Scott boy
Are you lost boy
I can ball but I Juilliard
Got a nice voice
Like my guy Troy
(I) keep it fly
Like a viceroy
Now my butter flies
Got some
I wish I’d gone to Aspen School
Which was run by Juilliard
Should’ve never bought a shirt
Just a thousand cool vests
Cymbal breaking motherFUCK
they wanna booty call but I'm working duty calls to me 
Don't you see how cruel we are you 
Can't dance around it baby this ain't Juilliard it's
you move
The way you move
Its just the way you move
I met this girl she single and a dancer school at Juilliard working on her bachelors
She said I know
Ah well, i attendet at Juilliard
Was at Harvard Business School
Not to mention, your talking to a dead
Say it once
Say it twice
You think I'm
I'm all about my art
Just like Juilliard
Just opened up my shop
On the boulevard
I just finished escrow
Commercial property
Got so much money
They call
KAT) and accompanied
   by piano. Recorded in New York during scholarship studies
   b - The 21st Century (Electric
talented, studied at Juilliard
Call me Lil Dexter, I'm a prodigious inventor
I struck gold, all my projects lucrative endeavors
My color theory sharp - make
the 1's I don't aim for the 2's (Yeah)
You want me to do my lil' dance
Turn around and I give em the blues (Aye)
They call me Juilliard, picture me big you
cheesing like Parmesan
Got the audience in Juilliard trippin' they know I'm a throw you a hundred ones
And you know we gone have us a ton of fun, hun
I knew
of Juilliard!
He can help
We found him on Yelp
Our troubles all ended on the day that we befriended him
Every word is the truth
Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse,

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