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Jape Is Grape (Jape)

from a grey map - PAID
The snazzy japes of a Basing stoke shot
Basing in stocks
Under the green frock
Below the granite complex
Needed true grit
But it was disarming
I wonder what was behind having to find an army that keeps arming

A slip and roll honey
Stick the jape kid
Don't you strip I
Calling out across the land
Calling every single Roller fan
School's been a jape
But that's alright
'Cause we're gonna see Woody on stage tonight
the leaves and the limbs but I can't say
Execute yourself
A criminal brain
A cat in the rain
Haggle with the real cheap one
Cut the corners so the jape will
Roz(regularly) sanu chitiyan

Jinne mera dil lutiya
Jinne mainu maar sutiya
Oh oh

Akhiyan da samne o rahe ghumdi
Jape jiwe bar bar mukh chumti
Of you and me ever changing
Moving on now moving fast
And this touch must be wanting
Must become free to act

But I mean jape to tell you
That I love
paye-a soukwe, koute se chyen ra jape
Depi se Taniz mache, kade latè-a soukwe
Koute loraj la gronde (RETIRE MENW NAN PÒCH MWEN!)

Si yon fanm, andidan, ki