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so infinitesimal, oh

They say it started with a big bang
But they say it came out of a small thing
Lately I'm feeling like a big bang
'Cause I've
it out
Before the

Dusk dismantled
Combustion's convergence with our existence
Dusk dismantled
We are the infinitesimal

Bursting inside out
the death of me yet
Oh, me, oh my, small fry

You call me small fry
(Oh, you is most infinitesimal, too small for your britches)
You call me small fry
Voce criou um caso de calculo integral
E para resolver este problema
Eu tenho um teorema banal
Quando dois meios se encontram desaparece a fracao
done in.
Now I'm just looking 
For an original sin.

I've been looking for the ultimate crime.
Infinite victims, infinitesimal time 
And I'm so
Você criou um caso de cálculo integral
E para resolver este problema
Eu tenho um teorema banal

Quando dois meios se encontram
Press my head against the glass
Infinitesimal city streets
And for a moment I welcome the axiom
A transfixing breeze of relief
Sailboats littered
an infinitesimal amount of aggression for MC's.
But still digestible
For the rest of you;
To ease up on it
If ya want to get with it.
Ain't no opponents
the captain 
Less fat cattin' 
More cat in the hattin 
More chip dale and gadget 
Less angry parents, More travelin 
Fewer excuses 
Infinitesimal judging
Scrape the ashes in a tin
Take them down to London's drinking reservoirs
And throw them in

And then specks infinitesimal of my mortal remains
Say I'm just wasted hope
I could not thread the rope
More than my pocket's broke

And you don't see a ring
These are not all of the
thought that I'd be something special, I've always tried to live my life aware that I'm infinitesimal compared to the rocks, the mountains and the sea,
Infinitesimal and evanescent

Distant echoes ring out, exalting the unseen
Ancient mountains serenely bode the vast
All deriding the pompous futile
That will
planètes aux voies lactées 
Ça tourne ça tourne 
Sidérant sidéral
Que ce soit l'infinité
Ça tourne ça tourne 
Ou l'infinitésimal
Au dancing des galaxies 

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