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Sorry it's a cramped space, but it's my place
I'm really inactive, I'm so inactive
I'm really inactive, highly inactive

My muscle's gone, I'm atrophied
and pain
Behind your smile

Always the same
Rub my eyes try and use my mind
Dull jewel inactive fire
Come to terms with things at hand
Creeping past
your hair

Wake up
The appearance is treacherous
If you are inactive
You can't stop the destruction
Do something right now
Do something
Or it
the boys wild
She's so lazy
Drives me crazy
Lazy Susan going round and round
Pick one up and you put one down
Lazy Susan
She's inactive
But so
Will you stand and be counted?
A leader among the hopeless
Go forth and be the one
To rise above the waste

No more time
will be with me
Coldness, inactive pain
Soul sucked at the speed of light
Trapped in someone else
No please not again
Evil reincarnated
The cycle's
Dead letters
Form these words

Dim my lights
One by one
The sordid pale
Broken run
Confined in escape
On burnt grass
Below the crest
Blood spews everywhere
Deprived of virtility

Sledgehammer destroys
Groin tattered and maimed

She crushed the testicles fast
Anonymous in anorak
Cosi-cosa, Pepsi Cola
Heironymous and Kerouac
Alexander, met E Zola

But your Virgo is inactive
Your Capricorn not attractive
when desire becomes alive when it fades it becomes inactive when attached 
sparates cause you will not le your destination break 

get up get up,
the light fantastic
Waiting for the show

Reality starts to fade
Creeping stare behind dead eyes
As the minutes burn the day

And notify everyone when the time is right
My mouth remains inactive

So when you let me in
You let me justify my own reward
You put your
After we die; invading our bodily cavities
The young of insects feed
On our inactive brains
And numb spinal cords.
Open sores drain slow,
Zoonosen in debility 
As soon as the shallow places fatally interprete annoyed wasps

The seemingly dead undermine inactive cycles in decadence 
as long
And notify everyone when the time is right
My mouth remains inactive

So when you let me in
You let me justify my own reward
You put your
Foe or friend
Fo-fo fold fuckers, suckers go with him
P, big master slay heater
Big ratchets clap, inactive gang leader
P step to a lady
inactive, it made Such perfect sense 

Ever so careful on the strip we cruise, crippled in someone else's shoes 
Who knew? Mind you, I never had to stand
Were labelled inactive
Being 91
The twentieth century
Brooklyn is a magnum in the bottle of kerosine
Flame ignites into the black
Sending fright
a while
The love contract you wrote was a just short term note
You placed my name on your inactive wile

I never thought your kisses were like a charge
for it
I'd make you another offer will it do the trick

All my days inactive will be justified
Awaken from a slumber to a roller coaster ride
our dreams
Years of destination
Took life away

Inactive all the time
Man's sense of guilt
Now bones like glass
He never can take measures
in practice
Gotta act like I do
An' you'll feel the consequences
So you can't make me blue
Of what can be when you're inactive

Or follow my realizing way
Just be and fuck the other lies

I know who you are
Cold tiredness inactive desire
Take my hand now
Recall the primordial era
fast falls from the force of her tight pussy punch 
Just like the rest of that sorry ass bunch 
Now here comes Six ready to add his inactive shit

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