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Kids - kids, Christmas I-is for kids
Look around and you will see
Kids from one to ninety-three
Laughin', lovin' life and bein' kids

Kids -
all alone

Blues is feelin,
That pains your very heart.
Blues iis a feelin,
That pains your very heart.
Don't feel it when she's with you,
see the palin' yellow moon 
And then he leads his flock 
And homeward they all rock 
To the tune of the swingin' shepherd blues 

This I-is
The howling II's on channel 3
Oh, I drift off to sleep
While the snow falls on the screen
IIs it true that I've lost you?
Am I not the only one?
After all this pain and sorrow
Darlin', think of what you've done 

Heart to heart, dear,
you want

Is not the way you want it

and everything you saw

Is not the way you see

and everything you thought

iIs not the way you think
You might need it some other rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again
When everything old i-is new-ew a-again

the one that you serve
You can't control all those things,
That you think you deserve

Don't you think that ii's time
To change the way you live?
freedom i-is
No you don't know where freedom li-i-i-ives

You, you don't know, exactly what you fee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eel
No-o you-ou, a-you don't know-ow,
Just kidding!
It's not a lot that you've been saying, whoa
But I can tell from your body language
Okay let's talk about it ('bout it)
I-Is you 'bout
this lady i-is (lady is) in distre-e-ess (in distress)
Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah...

Yes it seems that something's wrong
Just another crowded planet 'round
The waking of the dead to live and work with the freaks
I was a vampire roaming streets when I would swear I'is a sleep
The beeping of the buzzer
partyin' (yeah) 
Partyin', partyin' (yeah) 
Fun, fun, fun, fun 
Lookin' forward to the weekend 

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday 
Today i-is Friday,