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Let me tell you bout Humphrey the Camel amblin' across the sands umm
All the Nomads givin' him a great big hand
He's a big ugly Mammal and he's very
Let me tell you bout Humphrey the Camel amblin' across the sands umm
All the Nomads givin' him a great big hand
He's a big ugly Mammal and he's very
the pain then pop a 'Humphrey'
I know it hurts, I'm killin' y'all

Girls be actin' stink, mad funny
Y'all bitches bleed like me, on the monthly
Can't stand
knockin' on your door
Comin' to get you

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio
Coming To Get You

Matt Brandau  Bass Guitar
Keith Robinson  Drums
Greg Humphreys
Humphrey and me

""No man is an island"",
a line written long ago.
Heroes, simply, never die,
for heroes never die.
Me in a black crumpled suit,
we'll see Humphrey
(Let 'em be we'll see Humphrey)
Don't change your mind over wasted time
Change your mind cuz ya wasted

Time wasted
Time wasted
When this world gets too confused
I say, What would Humphrey Bogart do?
With Louis the Frenchman standing near
Looks like they're seein' it all to clear
Humphrey the whale should have GPS, 
Humphrey the whale should get GPS. 

So you're not stuck in the 
Sacramento Delta, Humphrey! 
Fresh water
En Humphrey Bogart-morgen
er en efterårsmorgen 
en gråblå bølgebliksmorgen som i en gammel kriminalroman 
ikke en kriminalroman af den slags selv en
te encuentro en la gran pantalla besando a otro fantasma.
Soy ese espectador que sueña que te salva,
tu Cary Grant, tu Humphrey Bogart, ese galán que
and sun, wouldn't shine
Lonely nevermind

Baby love, crying so much
You're the one for me
Baby love, can't get enough
You're the one for me

© Greg Humphreys
Je viens d'un monde incompris
Ou tu m'en veux à tout prix
Ou tu me parles avec mépris
Comme ci j'étais une debile
Fuck you Humphrey
Retourne faire ta
I wonder how many people here tonight remember Hubert Humphrey, he used to be a Senator. From time to time you read something about him pinning
Chanson qui rime, évidemment,
Et qui ne dit rien d'important.
C'est pas du Brahms
Qu'Humphrey Bogart,
Pris de cafard,
Réclame à Sam.
C'est une chanson sans
Tu es ma muse, mon amour, je pense à toi tous les jours
Je prie pour que rien ne change... non, non, non
Sous la vigilance des anges, tu es ma
Baby you know you're the best
Humphrey Camrone

Fucking sisters in the mother way (mother way)
Palace, King, Sons of the father's sake (father's
got dirt on our faces 

Ooh yah yah yah  
Feels so right 

Jo humphrey jo humphrey 
Your mummy your daddy 
Some magic gon crazy 

I hope to get it right

I see them coming but never running 
I stun them and son em with this 
Humphrey Bogart a bitch

It's about to blow now
(Hahaha, yeah)
(Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm)
(Yeah, Ryan)

Cucumber tea
It isn't for me
But if it were you'd call me Humphrey (Humphrey)
Hanky, panky,
clumsy, my name isn't even Humpty
They got that wrong, it's Humphrey
It's hard to believe this bottomless conspiracy
But I didn't fall off that wall, I
Panda bear
Koala bear
Panda bear and Koala bear aren't really bears!
Teddy bear
Gummy bear
Teddy bear and Gummy bear aren't really bears!
like Marlon Humphrey
Been through the worst
I don't care if niggas judge me

I lost a childhood I can't get back
I can't forget that
You can't advance if
me and Mannimon
Number of people I need is none
It was just me and Humphrey's son
Dem times dere I was servin' packs and you was in roshe runs
hath seen your bits

My girl Humphrey rides a nest of snakes alright
Well, my girl Humphrey rides a nest of snakes alright
She's heatin' up a pot

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