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and tumble of boisterous horseplay
I will probably cry
For my girlfriend is a boyish girl
And I am a girlish boy

(Goddamn it you fucker I wanna be
Got it jumping like Kriss Kross

Mishmashing, no jigsaw

No horseplay when we quick draw

Pussy nigga get a tit job

Hands up, stick your mands
clockwork, soon as I stepped away
You know they got worse
They didn't hesitate
Of course they start with the horseplay
And then it escalates
Then you get
if I could just find you tonight.

I fought with my twin, that enemy within, 'til both of us fell by the way.
Horseplay and disease is killing me by
bustin' shots off the roof for horseplay
But once you get a glimpse of the shots, flyin' at you
You think about the possibility of dying and that's true
a friendship that's so tight
Years after all the horseplay and misdemeanor crimes
Us being homeboys, didn't seem so fine
Years of just fuckin' around, rappin' in
Since I was in the fifth mama told me to give them fists
Pushed me out the doorway
Chasing girls around the school, a lotta horseplay
Used to get my
ain’t there we can do foreplay
Girl lets kick it like soccer like Jorge
Have fun in this house, call it horseplay
She like a nigga with some cake like
No surprise, it's just that good old-fashioned
Horseplay passion to keep the party crackin'

Move, if you want it, come get it, just
Move, go
yeah I hang around gorillas (on god)
I got AK, SK, HK, broad day (21)
You a fuckboy, we ain't with the horseplay (bitch)
Shrimp ass nigga, did you do

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