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Holocaust · MC Holocaust


Hardcore Holocaust, Vol. 2: The Peel Sessions · Holocaust In My Head (Extreme Noise Terror) · Final Holocaust (Massacra) · Rose Clouds of Holocaust (Death in June) · Da Holocaust (Concentration Camp) · Pure Holocaust (Immortal) · Cannibal Holocaust (Necrophagia) · African Holocaust (Steel Pulse) · Camp II: The Holocaust (C-Loc) · Holocaust in Your Head/In It for Life (Filthkick) – and 9 other albums »

The past is like a holocaust
The past is like a holocaust
the battle fields
Start the destruction wheels
A scream of terror through the night
The armies do their final fight

Final loss
If the world isn't the inner of myself

I've been sold
Segregated holocaust
Holocaust of segregation
I've been sold
Impaled bodies, impaled souls
Treacherous the unknown
Skinned alive and left to die
Inner fear comes to life

Cannibal holocaust
Hope is lost,
across the land
Fear and pain they breed despair
A new Dark age is at hand

After the Holocaust
After the Holocaust

Peoples lives are ruined
By man
prepares for the holocaust

Man made machines to control the days
Now machines control while the man obeys
A second generation a generation lost
Those visions never seen
Until all is lost
Personal holocaust
Foreclosure of a dream

Barren land that once filled a need
Are worthless now, dead without
Rose clouds of holocaust
Rose clouds of lies
Rose clouds of bitter
Bitter, bitter lies

And, when the angels of
Fall down from your
cold a heart
Watching the death of the sun
Valleys abound a thousand of coffins
The holocaust has just begun

It's the march of the blasphemous
In the heart of darkness
Forgotten world lost
Primal existence
Only tribal law
Human sacrifice
The nectar of gods

Cannibal [x3]
Heinous In Its Wake
Abandonment Of Life - This Baneful Mistake
Sickness Now Unfolds In You - To Death You

Spiritual Holocaust

Pagan Messiah -
a holocaust
Clearing the way for expansion
Hunted for sport
A reminder of extinction
1829 the year the last Beothuck died
the battle fields
Start the destruction wheels
A scream of terror through the night
The armies do their final fight

[Chorus: ]
Final loss
Tortured cries
Echoes of the sadist
Gathering strength
Evoking eternal fear

Battles won
Through holocaust
Dreaming of kingdoms
in their graves they turn!
In torchlit rows through the jet black night
Warriors of dark holocaust's bride?
To thrive and survive
And find a way to live our lives
And live through this nuclear Holocaust
Let's get it on

How will we survive?
With a little luck
hung on the linden tree 
And I remember where we are 
And I remember the holocaust 
I remember all we lost 
The families torn and the borders crossed
Tragedies of Kennedy's, refugees, AIDS disease
Photos of Hiroshima, the Holocaust, and Kosovo
Tim McVeigh, Saddam Hussein, the bombing of the World

Our only hope to breathe again
To stop the madness closing in
What will we do when all is lost
Environmental holocaust...

Foes these people go,
a fake life saver 
You better wake up and smell the real flavour 

You love us like a holocaust 
Same P.R. problem as E.S.T. 
You love us like
The King of fear decided
The north of earth must go
See it coming
You can't escape
All are bound to be destroyed
A bloody man in
to die
They don't ask the reasons why
Marching to die

Groundless they start a holocaust
The whole world through
They heel Jews, Turks and gypsies
light of redemption
You fight for your life
Innocence is lost
And it cannot be found
Hence the holocaust
Tis' in sorrow we drown

All fall down
Souls in arise to awake
And be dead in holocaust
Souls torn apart swallowed
By hate in holocaust

Enslaved by pain
Repent your sin or die

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