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Tony Hollins  


What you hollin 'bout, you messin' with a real one
Take the money, throw it in your face for you to feel sumn
Jumping out the Falcon I don't even

Bitch steady holl'in' 'bout "fuck me?"
(FDP) Nah, fuck that bitch
Fuck that bitch (fuck that bitch)
Fuck that bitch
Bitch steady holl'in' 'bout
giving a fuck
We raising up those Dr Henny cups
You know I'm hollin wassup
When they see me they all know wassup
I tell them wassup
I'm with
Yeah, Yeah

Lil mama got dat drip

(Aye) Lil mama got dat drip
45 yeah I got it on my hip 
N*ggas hollin bet my shooter let it rip 
The way she do it
Chyaaa... ay 
Dis ya boy Geno man
I'm just tryna 
Find me a nice little summer thang
You know what I'm saying
Ha... ha... check this out

I'm hollin
But my feign for blood is still yearning
It’s no addiction but I'm sitting here I’m itching and burning
And I’m going wild
Bitches hollin' out something
wassup... (Whatchu hollin bout?)
You know I Don't Give A Fuck (What?...)
Bitch, I Don't Give A Fuck (LiT LiT!)

I.D.G.A.F! Bitch I never did
If yo ass slippin
the streets just now
Got his mama hollin' out, Lord why me, not now
And the killer who done shot him runnin' free right now
Ain't no justice, til' we get it,
geeks what you hollin bout really ain't about me
Check them keys foreign vees we be scoring from the three
Hope to see my enemies yea that really be about
Everytime I turn around, all i see is hatin' niggaz be hollin
In yo face, niggaz be smilin, behind yo back, niggaz be downin
Everytime I turn around,
it go down
I'm spraying if u spraying all they seen was k rounds
Hollin bout diving in that water
Gone make sure that he drown
Stand down when it come
de hollín
Cada día en su tristeza
Que no quiere amanecer
Lo madruga un seis de enero
Con la estrella del revés
Y tres reyes gatos
Roban sus zapatos
I'm That nigga from lil Bradenton that the streets been Hollin
I'm trendy topic I'm that nigga with sauce that these bitchs watching
I'm That nigga
not like or give a fuck 'bout ya
Cannot stand bitch 
Who cry like a toddler

Can't do no, she hollin
She hollin, I'm hollin
It's toxic, It's violent
projects (on God)
Hit ya club gangbangin' with them members and we hollin', "Crip!"
Tojo screamin', "Blood Gang!", I'm Crip and Cheese solid
Bet not ask
Fuck Tha Police (whooo, whooo), we dont need no motherfuckin' help! (fuck 'um all)

When I'm in New York, I'm holl'in WE DONT NEED NO
and run it)Iight

I woke up in a puddle of blood look like im finished cuz blood jumpin out my mouth like kd off menace
And currby hollin out
of shit still anit changed cause its still 
The same ol same I better find some piece of
Mind cause I'm on my way insane crazy

Baby be hollin
hollin we punch body’s we got bonnets
We don’t stop we cum thru bout it kickin shit like Liu kang
Like what up we don’t fuck wit nobody we gang
Turn me up
I’m ridin round see da oops I’m hangin out da window
Them niggas ain’t even clutchin u ain’t on at is u
U was hollin hella hella tough fuck whoever
to Vegas smoking porcupine
Sticky ass weed wit no seeds I'm endorsing mine
Quarter P of tree I'm hollin timber den I break it down
Quarter back sweep put
I'm bout to let em' out
Now they hollin' check him out 
What the hell he up to now 

Say Greg whats da bizness?
Nothin' chillin lord willin'
That I make
with the homies to the side hollin'
What up, what up, what up, what up? (Ayyy)
Kick back, let go one time
Tryin' to take somethin' home for the night
Bitch, I can't lose 
I Christian my louB  
2k for my shoes 
30thou in jewel 
Construction wit the tools nicca
FucC what they hollin bout 
FucC what

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