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Hermes House Band  


When I recall your name
I recall the time when Hermes and Orpheus
Wrote down the rhyme

Follow the emerald of eternity
Follow the path of Thor
Fresh out of jail made a brick, go to bumpin'
My children gon' eat you ain't telling me nothin'

Trap in the trenches, I'm selling Hermes
H in
When all around is burning
I'm like Hermes, drifting down

I am the saint, your path into the light
I am the knife that cuts right through your life
Hermès link, ice blue mink
Tat on my ribs like I do not know what permanent is
They want me gone, wait for the kicker
Bury me now and I only get
a crime
You've taken what is yours and now you're after mine
I'm running round in circles
Nowhere else to go
Hermes trimegistus
As above so below
Stapel' meine Batzen bis zum Himmel, wenn ich 7abs muss
Hinter'm Gürtel von Hermès trag' ich 'ne Magnum
Gib mir eine Wohnung und ich starte eine Graszucht
you're percy
So all the purses that you rockin' must be Hermes (hands off)
All my diamonds clear as day, that shit be mad clean (Hermes)
So much
hyper-spatial flight
We ride the warp of space into the womb of night

Ouranos' daughter, Hermes' bride
Mistress of the Mysteries
Upon the ward she rides
hyper-spatial flight
We ride the warp of space into the womb of night

Ouranos' daughter, Hermes' bride
Mistress of the Mysteries
Upon the ward she rides
You can get a taste, or a flat out key
'Cause now-a-days I'm Klay, see my spot up 3
Draped in Hermes scarves, cruising the Riviera
More solid
Vancleef et Arpels
Petit Bateau
Helena Rubinstein
lontani dallo stress
Come Kim e Kanye West, come Kim e Kanye
Occhiali di Cartier, sulla tua pelle Hermès
Striscerò da te come un'American Express
Laufe in den Store (Store, Store)
Kaufe mir Dior
Laufe ins Geschäft
Kaufe mir Hermès

Ey, ich bin ein Mann von Welt mit Geltungsdrang
Yeah, schnell
Its work cannot be undone
Horus hermes trismagistos
The calls of the universal panthenon
Realities fold and submerge
When gods combat against their
On Hermes' touch
ouija ha ha oui

Into dante's depths you're sold
Your soul medium so cold
The glass - once so clear
Now stands frosted fear

Hermes steer - your
focused, I'm impressed

Wipin' off your Louie V, bitch
Hermès on your feet, bitch
Dior on your sleeve, bitch
Red wine when you sleep, bitch
Wipin' off
Goyard oh, pick out what you want
Hermès oh, pick out what you want
New Chanel oh, pick out what you want
Poppin' tags, I been poppin' tags (808
the map
His and hers, Hermes bags, left the tag
All real love shit, with a scrub
Chillin' on top, get away, just a flight
Living life, this is what it's
Simes got that secret sauce

Gehöre niemals (gehöre niemals)
Zur der High-Society (nein)
Ich zahle Hermès (zahle Hermès)
Ihr behandelt mich Nike
Hermes on me every day
Keep some Cartier on me every day

Fuck a bitch in a big way
And I hit her right on the staircase
Hit that mouth I go

It ain't a facade, I spent some racks on my shoes
I been goin' hard, I paid all cash for my jewels
I walked in Hermes, bought a bag for my
That's too much sauce
That's too much sauce

Patek Philippe, the plain one
That's too much sauce
Hermes in the A
That's too much sauce
Bad bitch long hair skin pretty curvy ass
Flat stomch double ds please be the Berkin bag
Designer heels Hermes pants how you fit in that

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