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Henny Vrienten  


pa' eso (yeh)
Estoy en el VIP, voa' explotar esto (¡huh!)
Llama a la bartender que yo lo que quiero es Henny

Henny, Henny
Henny, Henny
Llama a la
„Bitte sprechen Sie Ihre Nachricht nach dem Ton“
Baby, geh mal ran, Baby

Ich bin auf ein' Liter Henny, ein' Liter Henny
Ein' Liter Henny, ein'
Mengapa membisu sribu basa

Senyumlah senyum oh henny kasihku

Betapa aku rindu kau kasih

Kini kita
the Henny, gone off the Henny
Lately I’ve been going off the Henny, going off the Henny
Throwing up the E for my side, E for my side
Throwing up the E when we
I'll pull up the Henny, Coke and light up that dro
I'll pull up the Henny, Coke and light up that dro
Light up that dro, light up that dro
Light up
Henny, Rosé yeah, Hookah, Henny, Rosé 
35 pa las 12 
Oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah 
35 pa las 12
Hookah, Henny, Rosé yeah, Hookah, Henny, Rosé 
cray, left me to hang
Sippin' on Henny and gin, left me to hang
(Sippin' on Henny and gin)

She gone give a nigga some to think about right now (oh)
Waar is me Henny?
Waar is me Henny
Hij zegt maar hij heb niet
Ben in buurt met drerries, ey

Waar is me Henny?
Waar is me Henny,
Hij zegt maar hij

Ik drink Henny geen Loca
Big man doe niet aan vodka
Flex hier zijn we op doorgaan
Next day sip ik weer wota

Ik drink Henny geen
I'm gettin', I'm gettin', I'm gettin', I'm gettin'
I'm gettin', I'm gettin', this paper
The Henny, the Henny, the Henny, the Henny
The Henny
Paperman Stay here / A thousand steps to nowhere  That is all I see  This night is asking questions  Where and what for me / A thousand miles from Henny  Who
Manolo Rose: hook 
The henny got her feeling like she wanna cuff
the henny got me feeling like i wanna fuck
the henny got me feeling like she wanna
and Hennyville
Feel the same way I feel
They want to kill, then I kill
We all got whips
So when they peel, then I peel
It's like that, I suppose
de moi
Bébé, j'veux vivre comme un maharaja, rageux n'arrêtent pas de parler de moi
Quand j'bois le Henny', le Henny' me noie, Balenciaga, mon
too many)
Park up with your bitch, I'm faded off the Henny (Off the Henny)
Rollin' Backwoods back to back, I had one too many (Yah)
Tipsy driving, I
Whiskey, Henny, Bombay, Chardonnay (ra-ta-tat)
Nächte ohne Schlaf, ist schon okay (ja, ja, ja)
Am Handgelenk die Audemars Piguet (pow, pow, pow)
Chicks so
I feel my life under pressure
I feel my life under pressure
Drink some Henny drown the pressure
1738 drown the pressure

I feel my life under
Backroad gal dem a heart cooler

Afta di party me wah go me yard wid a  hot chic
Henny me a sip very large spliff
Fuck gal so till  dem cah sleep

Afta di
ząbek, i ściskam ten ząbek

Jestem senny, jeijeijeije
Nic nie jest permanentne, jeijeijeije
Jak tatuaże z henny
Jak tatuaże z henny, jej (uu)
ça va vite, yeah

Monnaie, monnaie sur l'te-c', Honey Henny dans l'verre
J'veux pas pourrir dans l'tieks, nan, frérot, c'est l'enfer

Sippe nur den Henny
Sippe nur den Henny
Sippe nur den Henny
Sippe nur den Henny

Als allererstes und wichtigstes
Ich rapp' besser als

Henny Hey now mine host  Don't be so melancholy   You've made the most  Out of Amy Ball's folly  You went crazy, ran off with an actress
Åh na

Jeg tror
Jeg tror de hader på mig
Gir mig
Kun omveje


Men ingen stress, bror jeg ligeglad
Henny i mig, jeg kan ik had
Ey (ey)
Ey (ey)

Brauch' keinen dirty Cup, ich trinke Henny, ey (ja, ja)
Tennis Tracksuit sitzt, doch spiel' kein Tennis, ey (no)
Niemand wollte

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