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keep on growing inside me day by day

The things you do make me so hot
I'd give you everything I've got to give
Let's cut in two the Gordian Knot
cut the 'Gordian knot'
And legend said that who untied the knot
He would become the master of Asia

Hellenism he spread far and wide
The Macedonian
Well, how many subplots you got runnin' around your mind?
The Gordian Knot must be cut through
Give me a red pen, I will simplify your story
purple with currant?
Will you now become the serpent?

Gordian knots in the power lines
Sizes fill empty with pesticide
With a pharaoh to hold
the people I love fell to their knees
With no cause, at a loss
Only questions and gordian knots

So as I am without faith
Tell me, what should I dream of?
Like a sword through a Gordian knot
She descended to me
Claiming swift victory
Over the heart I had near-soon forgot

With every kiss this
Pernicious - A ghastly Gordian quandary to elucidate
Pestiferous - A nebulous necrotic novelty to navigate
Labyrinthine - A contumely carnal
strayed apart again
Born of The Star
MOrtal of God
Who cut the Gordian Knot
Bring back the faith
It's not too late
To turn the tides
From genocide
andrei in giro in moto zio andrei in giro con Gordian
E già la vita è corta, fai la fattura e conta
Prima di fare un buco come il Costa Concordia

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