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Incoherent but functional
Speeding like a dead comet
Purple crushed velvet waistcoat
Flecked with Maalox and bits of dried vomit
Say what you
the ballroomBlood flecked voicesDistortion and gainStatic interference, short wave rainAnd there's not repetition of signal chime(But the) feeble receptionCouldn't
You want to figure it out?
Well, throw down your bulldog front
Bold bold mouthtalking
Not so bold now that you've eaten your own lips
Tension released in an instant
Brocade waistcoat flecked with blood in the golden light
You were dead before you even hit the ground

We've traveled
for me
Follow white flecked spindrift float on a moonkissed sea.

Could you fancy me as a pirate bold,
Or a longship Viking warrior with the old
The whine in your hand is worth two at the bar
And everybody knows what you've been drinking
Disgraceful sky flecked with a nightmare of stars
hiding in the clouds, my darling
And the sky is flecked with signs of hope
Raise your weary wings against the rain, my baby
Wash your tangled curls with
hiding in the clouds, my darling
And the sky is flecked with signs of hope
Raise your weary wings against the rain, my baby
Wash your tangled curls with
The Apes of Wrath!
The Apes of Wrath!
The Apes of Wrath!

Flecked with gore I face you
My hide is writhing with worms
I come from the place
Impaled on one of its many legs,
A bug-eyed Mary gapes on in horror
As her only son is chewed to bits
By spiderchrist... She is flecked with gore.
They dream impossible dreams of loquat seeds (gold flecked and slippery), 
And clipper ships pitched on sea foam green,
Hibiscus reds and you
became a god
It became your resurrection
Undeath of the damned
Resplendent in his harness
His flanks are flecked in seed
Cybernetic knucklehead
Let blood and steel be my glory.

Elder tongues encarved in sinistrous slime-flecked stone,
The Obsidian Tower broods 'neath the moon,
all flecked
With gold and green
But when they pulled the curtain, 
There was no one to be seen

the wind blew long and cold 
Between the chairs
Over there beyond the white-flecked waves and the mist that spoils your view
Like a jewel in the sea is your country of old, the place that means
Foam-flecked nightmares drag a moon
Of Draconian design

A love that never dies
Nefarious silhouettes to rise

When stars fall pale
toward it, 
And between the parted fingers 
Fell the sunshine on his features, 
Flecked with light his naked shoulders, 
As it falls and flecks
of woe,
And clotted holes the khaki couldn't hide.
Oh, the clammy brow of anguish! the livid, foam-flecked lips!
The reeling ranks of ruin swept along!
greeted by silence as the judges turned away to
cast their votes. Then the quiet was broken. A
handsome woman with golden hair, now flecked with

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