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Something's always haunting me
Bending station frequency
White noise on the CBC
Sentimental piracy
Fraternize with your ghost
Shoot the breeze
Cynical, affordable
Lashed down like heaven sent intangible
Lucrative, initiative
Unbreathing forces stoked on sedatives

or synchronize with 'em
We don't strategize with 'em, we're not allies with 'em
We don't fraternize with 'em, let 'em patronize
We don't want no ties with 'em,
actually dies
With a military jacket and some packed supplies
I won't say I'm the best 'til the stats arrive
And all these a-list parties you fraternize
niggas at?
So Shimins ease, can't take a nap (tell 'em)
Tired of the fraternize
I am as real as they advertise (yeah)
I like the pussy with sanitize
I don't need no allies, I don't feel the need to fraternize
Yeezys in the field, Yeezys, Yeezys in the field now
Made it to the NBA, we in the NFL
'bout, Heavy don't keep it real
Well why don'tcha stop tellin', and keep it real in jail
See me? I just play my lane
Baptize my game, fraternize with
the memory
The pain, humiliation
But then suddenly you realized
You're free
To fraternize again
She got married, stayed in town and raised a home
See her
flag of  England flies
Where homes are warm and mothers sigh
Where comedians laugh and babies cry
Where criminals are televised politicians fraternize
to here morbid

Desert ice cream eyes so deceiving fraternize carefully
Create vision fabricate smash to pieces watch and wait crash glass houses
to fraternize
Really trying to actualize
Staying low
Steady staying low
Staying low
Steady staying low
Staying low
Steady staying low
Staying low
don't fraternize
Try to gas us up still can't ride
Do you or don't breathe
Boy ya looking thirsty, Sip some antifreeze
Family only, Family only
And it's looking like I'm already banned
I fraternize with the nicest enemies
Living in this wicked land
There's no fear of dying lately
I'm ready
up ride
This is the day
You prove your right
I got non' to hide
Don't fantasize
The chicken fries
Don't fantasize or fraternize
My man could been
fraternize with the enemy
CJB how yo’ flow so elite?
Baby this is that real it stay hitting deep
And so I just keep chasing these faces
Travel to exotic places
Higher, now bring me down

We don't
We don't
Demoralize, politicize, scandalize
to the rhythm
Super skilled so I get em
Never fraternize 
With the rest I'm not with them
Grown man rap
Recognize I'm not kidding
Brutal with it
But I'm getting
spongebob wit you square niggas
Fraternize or share wit ya
I'm dope though you wont smoke with coke flow I dare niggas
Like a slim waste and a round brown
Send me that email
Got any good leads
I'd like to know
Just send me that email

Don't unsubscribe
I won't fraternize
I just got ten tips for you
There's a party at the Capulet mansion
Think we should crash it? See how many these women we end up baggin
Alright, I guess, we can fraternize in
Allen and Albert, Dead Presidents we out for
Menace To Society Black Male Alpha but
We don’t fraternize our pockets we capitalize
For upper case faces in
the one
You wore a disguise
Now I know better
Got to cut all ties
Stepped out on our love
Break up to make up
Getting real tired
One more thing
snitch and never bat an eye/click so small therefore we never fraternize/life is like an like obstacle course with many turns/thinking that your team so
We're someone's goons
We don't really mind what it takes 
Dirty tricks and crazy fits
As we're raising the stakes 
We fraternize and we

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