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Second verse minus the passing chords

Hey hey yeah la la la la
Oh oh la la la la la la la la la la

E / F#m7 / B/ A E F#m7 be A be E
You got
Pre>intro d bm d bm d bm

A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Every story told me, is wasted on my ears
A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Ah someone else's therapy, well
A f#m
The girl isn't ready (twice)

A f#m
The girl isn't ready is what her mother says
A f#m
We just put her toys away it seems like
Pre>cmaj7 bm7 f#m7 cmaj7 f#7
She never let me down. that's one thing I can say for sure
Bm7 f#m7 cmaj7 f#7
I had her wrapped around my finger. then I
CM7/6   CM7     Dm7     Fdim
Pennies in a stream...

CM7      Am       Bb9
Falling leaves of sycamore...

Bm7-5     Fm7    C    Dm7    G
Verse 1:
E F#m A E
Come here and look through the window Marie
F#m A E
Open up the shutters,tell me what you see
G#m A E
Was that his knock that I
Hey, little girl, comb your hair, fix your makeup --

Em7          A7        G/B     A7
Soon he will open the door.

F#m7          B7
Hey, little girl, comb your hair, fix your makeup --

Em7          A7        G/B     A7
Soon he will open the door.

F#m7          B7
Translators: andrei cunha

Bonne nuit
Vous etes bien
A l'ecoute de
Quatre-vingt quatorze
Point neuf
Readymade fm

Angel that you are
You still remember summer walks
          F#m          B                      E
And quiet talks we had
and then shout
AM/FM It's the only friends he's got left
FM, AM and then shout
AM/FM They always talk too much

She said, you're damn just a boy
I'll just run again   run away
    Bm        D       
Run again and bury my heart
    A    F#m                   
Run away Tear me apart
it in open chords.

Intro g d f#m g x 2

G d f#m d g d f#m d
Oh black honey's in my soul, oh black honey's in my soul
F#m d f#m d
Never been no poor
Intro & break:

Repeat break

Verse 1:
Em and I f#m ride my g bike d
Em and I f#m drive my g car d
Em I
Pre>lead guitar intro em bm a em bm d a bm then bm g

Bm g bm g
Crimson autograph is what we leave behind, everywhere man set foot.
Em bm f#m bm
They're gonna tear down the grand old opry
         F#m                                             B
They're gonna tear down the sound that goes
in my devotion
D a d
They can shoot hot knives a' down the line
A g
I just slam it down every time

Chorus 1

F#m g d
I got the telephone jammed in my
can take it
[D]It's a long way to be [G]happy
F#m B7 Am?7I wonder if I'm gonna make it

[F#m7]Nothing I do seems like any [G]fun to me
When I play the highway FM
I find my soul revival
Singing every single verse
Yeah I guess that’s my church

When Hank brings the sermon
And Cash
Welcome back to the pipe

Oh, hello, thank you for tuning in
You're listening to Breeze FM
Where we shoot the breeze, all day long

Up next we
D G F#m Fm
Pero que bonito fuera

         Em         A7                 D    D G F#m Fm
Quiero contarte cosas que no había confiado
I ain't stopping fingers keep bopping
F#m be e
Swing band rocking from the street to the bar
West coast's dated music's overrated
and soul train
Music feeds a budding mind
Pain and glory on your FM dial
Just a little girl in a big world (big world)
Hiding in the shadow of the light
there anybody here who thinks they're only serving in a raging storm.
         D                 F#m
Is there anybody here with glory in their eyes,
I don't know

But it seems that every single dream's
Painted pretty pictures in the air
D e
And it tumbles in despair
And it starts

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