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Sean EnsignEnsign 


from deeps
Of your encumbrance

All our gold
Bereave me
Truths ensign
Forever mine
Bereave me

March in with ten
of the crew, most of all the first ensign
For all we learned the sea

Guiding a ship, it takes more than your skill
It's the compass inside it's the strength
I'll wait till sunset,
See the ensign down.
Think I'll wait till sunset,
See the ensign down.
Then I'll take the tideway
To my burial ground.
Beeping of alert signal
Ensign:  Captain, the transporters ready
Captain:  That's hip  Lieutenant Marvin, what is the condition
of the planets
the ensign down, [Repeat: x2]
Then I'll take the tideway,
To my burying ground,

Sally, free and easy,
That should be her name, [Repeat: x2]
When my
"It is the 17th century. I am a noble ensign-bearer posing with my guild for the Dutch
master painter, Rembrandt van Rijn, in Amsterdam."

walks,and playing chess
I seemed at my ensign
With a bill to impress

I'm over 27
Not in long I'll be an antique
Wish I could earse 11
But I have
to do
And it's true
That when I got to my quarters there was something missing
I didn't have a pot to piss in
But I was too proud to ask an ensign where
Sailing the raging seas
To distant lands unknown
Porto Bello fell in a day
Now Britannia rules the waves
Thirty thousand men at arms
Red Ensign
Steady digging in my styles for one liners, none finer
Ensign a compromise, word bond and brothers honor mine
Sorta like spans, like Father Time, hard
Black Pope, usurper, he saw through the veil
They plan their defense in the land of the wasted
Africa, bitter fruit she had tasted

A million 2 hundred million kilowatts per second Captain 
Yes, Ensign Elm 
I will be taking a weekend furlough down in the.. 
What, that's not fast enough, we

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