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When I call you up
Always think twice
I've been gathering
The eminent flies
There are times when I
Call you up twice
No more saying what
With all
the enemies heart

Envenomed arrows crossing the skies
Yet it falls eminent death ascends
Drink the wine of pure vindication
Spilled from the enemies veins
Unlearn to forgive them, undo me here
Disclaim all I gave you, disdain me now

Unleash the vigor of belief
The eminent power of human being
Secret squirrel splashes in
Sirens warn Tsunami
Secret's come to save us all
Sirens warn eminent doom 
He can breathe in water yeah
And super
Painful scars chained in agony
Death is eminent
Unaware of the tragedy
Screaming to be released
Rotting crypt
Exist to be deceased
buried in
His eminent innocent sweet
His innocent sweet

The love of the Never man 
Can't breath for smoking ruins
Third eye glimpses a second thought
The eminent destruction pulls you down in the fear

Now the fight has just begun
The battle is not over
You're scared it's been won

Find the enemy (silent)

I'm demonized
But yet not the only one
You must come to me
There are
Nocturnal path to follow

Enjoying the circle of eminent silence
des rêves

D'éminents duels
Accords de fous
Etreintes si denses
Crosse à l'appui
S'voir tout donner
Baisers soldés
Descente de lit

Canceled compassion this our ignorance
Not everlasting much less eminent
Stay time heals everything
One more day to regret
One more day to regret
Gloria Sathanas
The undivine deceptor
Enemy of all holiness
The eminent destructor
Brings life into misery and death
The magic sights of thy third
destined to morph
Trying to live at all cost
Death is eminent to absorb

The transition to the all is inevitable
Living death as we breathe
Mind's capacity
to die
Devoted, they follow in blindness
Lost, they can not find their way

Crowned by our hands

Bringers of terror, all will
Locked inside this cell of flesh 
I sat awaiting an eminent death
The fruitful labor of my sin 
Had brought me to what I knew would be the end
of the original martyr
Deep with the void

Searching for the light
We leave this world behind

The violent twisting of the fates
The eminent collapse
and tell me what you see

I witness the eminent past nearing
In the woods of darkness,
in the valley of dismay
The lifeless guise of disembodied souls
I have seen majestic ends justify poverished means. You exemplify preconceived connotations, I symbolize eminent transformation. Contrive your obscure
never be satisfied
Death is eminent but such a sweet lullaby
If we stand together, they won't stand a chance
Won't stop giving each other everything
The majesty, the majesty
Door to the river
Pre-eminent amongst the free
Door to the river
Happy and drifting endlessly
Door to the river 

All my best
club for the self-proclaimed eminent few.
Ass kissers, anal smoke blowers
I don't need to feel any more eminent
From a sycophant

"Seriously, you guys are totally wrong about Mike being
I have seen majestic ends justify poverished means. You exemplify preconceived connotations, I symbolize eminent transformation. Contrive your obscure
What do you need... 
Yule-log serenade..! 

What do you feel 
Reels spindle me 
Round and round~..........

Flowers at dawn
of an eminent future
Spreading fear and hatred through his people 
He embarked on a quest to sabotage humanity

A stadium of genocide at his fingertips

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