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manifested through you
You are not consciousness
You are just a manifestation of consciousness in this form
These ejaculations
Waiting for time
Waiting for
Low late low lay low late
Low latency 
You ain't gunna have to wait. just wait and see

Low late low late low late 
Low latency 
Ain't gunna have
ejaculation, it isn't the shit
I have sex three times faster than it takes you to piss

10th grade came along
Had to tell someone
'Bout my problem, so I decided
crying, praying, screaming, dying, blood is spraying
death sex ejaculation !
death sex ejaculation !

as so many times before he stumbles through
kinda insane to me
I’m gon’ make it all glitch like low latency
I’m gon’ make it all glitch like low latency
Man I’m about to make it glitch in this bitch
Jizzing and shitting and pissing and fucking and farting
At the same time
Sucking your own dick and licking your own butthole
At the same time
How am I supposed to win with all of this latency
All these people that hate on me
But I'm waiting patiently
For my time to come, I know
I got the greatest time flow

I think I got latency
(Mic check, Mic)
I think I got latency
(Mic, sometimes
Sometimes, time, times
But that's about the millionth time I've said that
I get a headache everytime I start to think
I'm wonderin' why I'm not dead, I'm on the brink
love with latency
How do I sit here patiently?
Why you gotta walk away from me?
Don't you turn away

I'ma jump in like the end of
Times, see the world
diamonds in the rock, it's what you make of it
Hard times in life, the struggles, it ain't making me
People preying on me, wish they would pray for me
bankrupt, I'm okay
I won't let latency take my time away
So even if we're lost, we can find a way
And what helps me when I'm broken is your smiling face
I think there's something wrong with me
Now can't you see
Things moving slow
That's latency

Chillin' outside with my feet up
Getting bored
Woah, oh, oh
Oh Time
Time will really kill you so you better spend It right
Death is slowly creeping we're just waiting in it's line
Never trust
It's a ejaculation
Two time border line
突破 熱唱 終わらないCreation
From da TMC foundation
On da rock'n roll foundation
The voice whirled away
everything 'bout
Yeah I'm stayin late
But I'm comin' early
Premature ejaculation's got me in a hurry
And my girl say I'm great
Doc says I'm fine
But five seconds just
ain't no way I'm going quit
Justify, all the years, all the time you commit
Like a ghost, they don't notice all the grind I admit
Latency, like my dreams
I read the Bible way too many times
Now I wanna go and commit so many crimes
Sometimes I think crimes are just figments of the mind
Rules that we
(Vitor Bambino)

Cheirando assim você não vai muito longe 
Cinema kung fu 
Americano ou
feel your vibration
You making me want chop this your dodo o
O girl I feel the vibration
You giving me ejaculation
You make me wanna chop this
the tide
It's A-priori
Find satire when Titanic's capsize like...
Time on layaway tired of lag time
Lost in the latency
Sleepy and lagging behind
Bored in
A thousand times I heard the cry
Arrive at the doorway
And lie on the highway

All I hear is me, latency
Been this way since eight thirteen
That's the summer
We can be a voice for good in time
Be patient, keep waiting on me
And if at some point the stars collide, and put you on your stride
No latencies
Born buck naked out my mother's womb
A man cooped up in a rubber room
Time changes, time flies
Caterpillars turn into butterflies
A kitten grows up

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