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Emo Santiago


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I hate emo
They look like girls
And smell like caca

I hate emo
They look like girls
And sound like caca

Yes I do
And if I had a gun
I would
zarabanda miyumbaaaa
Ee, emo panle mo panle 
Emo panle, ee, mo panle 

Zarabanda chango ta veni 
Cagui cagui mofoyu de quee 
Cagui cagui mofoyu de quee
zarabanda miyumbaaaa
Ee, emo panle mo panle 
Emo panle, ee, mo panle 

Zarabanda chango ta veni 
Cagui cagui mofoyu de quee 
Cagui cagui mofoyu de quee
Emo Boy
he read every issue of punk planet with a tissue bad reviews of his favorite
band made him cry and he could hardly believe that jawbreaker
because I'm emo.

I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna scream, I'm gonna say what I don't mean
I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna mumble, gonna give up all my hope.
bailando el mambo
(Sarabanda, chango ta vení)
Sarabanda malongo 
(Sarabanda, chango ta vení)
Eee sarabanda miyumba
(Sarabanda, chango ta vení)
Eee, emo
an emo kid, non-conforming as can be. 
You'd be non-conforming too if you looked just like me 
I have paint on my nails and makeup on my face 
You want to be free 
In my insecurity (oh ooh oh) 
In my insecurity (oh ooh oh) 

You want this love 
You want it so 
Not emo 
Not emo 
Not emo
Juurella emo makasi
Raato raajat riekaleina

Kirnus viha kallossa
Hakkas rintaa raivolainen
Särje ranka raakalainen
Leikkaa liha vainolainen

Kollege Emo aktiv
Er posiert sie durch Moneten und Parties
Verkauft ihr Träume und redet vom Buis-
Zukunft, Liebe, der übliche Mist
Touchdown, Leyla
En un accord t’es sa victime

Sans issue, t’es à sa merci
T’as l’vaccin EMO, pas d’soucis
J’t’injecte une dose de R&B
Signée Jena Lee
Emos, Emos gebt mir mein Berlin zurück
Gib mir mein Berlin zurück

Gib mir mein Berlin zurück
Gib mir mein Berlin zurück
Gib, gib, gib, gib, gib,
If someone else can make you
Happier than I can make you
Run to him, my tears will dry
If someone else's arms can hold you
Better than my arms
Steve Albini playing god of indie haven, stupid dorks
Keeping time in seven and eleven!

Indie sux, hard-line sux, emo sux, you suck!
And say I am done

I live 'cause I need more light
I hope I can change today
She would never think of changing
Too much fucking emo, it's
Came to shit but only farted
There's really nothing left to say
Punk is now completely gay
Emo geeks and PC chicks
If you want equality grow a dick
agreement wanna leave, I let her leaf

I see the world, it's in my hands
I see these girls, two of 'em in my plans
Take a dose of my primo emo kilograms
tell me not to even start

So fuck you and your fuckin' emo band
Now I'm all for identity
The desperate need for a place to be
Understood well,
She thinks that she's so "emo"
Next week she'll be a "goth"
It all amounts to nothing
She gets murdered in the mosh

One night I crashed
invasion from the Beatles
And their corny mop top hairdos are back
Emo's back

That guy's jeans are so low and tight
His face is pasty white
Dressed in black
He was a little bit emo 
He loved his sweaters and his Thursday too
While she was talking about Ian 
He was dreaming of Brand New

She was
Vine a decirte adios
Me voy a otra tierra
no se qual es mi rumbo
Mi amor esperame me

Ayi te estrañare 
por lo que emos vivido
Veras que no te
to all this mess
I know what I've been told and that"s how the story goes
Everyday people call themselves emo
It's just a bad disguise is it something
Nevertrust, society
Nevertrust, the system
Nevertrust, the enemy
Nevertrust, the politricks
Nevertrust, the emo kids
Nevertrust, the fucking
the goths, the slappers and the geeks,
And if they complain we'll do it all again
We do as we damn well please

ASBOs, the chavs, the emos and their mates,

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