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Eric Daub

And those wise Greenwich guys really open up your eyes painting portraits of 
their pretty little chicks 
So to each creator and imitator who daubs
invisible here just past midnight

The wives hate their husbands and their husbands don't care
Their children daub slogans to prove they lived there
Everything is where I want it to be

I daub you with my hopes and dreams
And water down my imperfections
Until I realize wet paper doesn't
In the empty room
The stifling air daub closed inside four walls.
Liein' on my bed
I can see the stains
Over dirty floor
The passion' of creating
someone wants to hurt you
Or set alight your effigy
Don't call on me to help you out
Don't come crying to me sympathy

You stay there with your daubs
What did you give
Give to the man
Mind that can only fell'n'suffer
Heart made with
With daub smiles
Meaningless words
And bottomless torment.

to hold it up. francesco recommends the crisco as a lubricant, daubs on a bit with a miniature doll's foot, finally indicating that s
Nceal her pubic hair
Clara Morgan
Les rappeurs portent plaintes, elles ont honte de crainte je deal de la daub pas du zouk,
Moi je baise sur du zouk

Si on t'as rodka ton

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