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Miss CupcakKe on this track in 3, 2, 1
Do it!

I shake it like Jamaican
No birthday but I'm cakin'
I shake it like I'm tryna get the oil off
slick, that's my lipgloss) Hey, yeah
(Drip, drip, so slick, that's my lipgloss) CupcakKe (bad, bitch)
It's Charli (Charli) (Drip, drip, so slick, that's
Brooke Candy, fag mob
Charli XCX
Pabllo Vittar
Miss cupcakKe, uh

Big tits, double D's
No silicone and no saline
Jealous of me
Envious hoes
Pussy so wet like clean up in aisle 3
Twist it all in me like you tryna turn the key
The name CupcakKe so the frosting drippin over the D
I like it
It feel hot as Hell in this studio, man
I feel like snatchin' off this wig, goin' crazy
It's finna get ugly for you hoes

They like, "cupcakKe
Bitches scared, no reaction
These bitches scared, no reaction
Bitches could get read like a CupcakKe caption

Bitches scared, no reaction
you can hear my balls slapping
I get nasty like Ariana on her last album, even CupCakke
Thrust it in her mouth and now I get to call her fuckface
Then I
made that crystal clear
Might as well be honest dear
Don't feel no way no fear
I'm good
I'm so damn straight
If cupcakKe were here
We'd bake cupcakes
girls, I need a CupcakKe
Wait until I touch that 100 piece
Nigga I'ma be straight
I know his babymama follow me
Just so he can stalk my page
backwards not Front Bottoms
Deafheaven can go to Hell with a big welcome
Cause if they're in my Heaven I'd rather go deaf/dumb
Cupcakke is for sure not my
All of the bitches ignore me though
I quote, "Deepthroat"
CupcakKe, takin' all the bitches whole
Last note, home row
Haters on a keyboard thinkin' they
I swear these hoes
These hoes be all bark no bite
Fucking ridiculous

This for the, "CupcakKe a joke"
One million in and you broke
He fainted
when she found out, "It's her cousin bro!"

Cupcakke, let's go out for a drink
"Nah, can't link if I'm on link"
Yeah back then that's all I think
might just act racist
The checks don't ever get bounced
Moving silence, man, nothing's announced
They ask "is it Cupcake or Cupcakke?"
I said "however
have to laugh" (hahahaha)
On the gang, niggas broke as hell, ain't doing well, straight buffing
I'm CupcakKe but I'll muff a bitch so motherfuckers

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