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Capitalism Stole My Virginity (The (International) Noise Conspiracy) · Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation, Vol. 4

There's nothing wrong with Capitalism 
There's nothing wrong with free enterprise 
Don't try to make me feel guilty 
I'm so tired of hearing you cry
Tra-la-la-la, Tra-la-la-la
Weâ??re making the world safe for capitalism

Here we come with our candy and our guns
And our corporate muscle marches in behind us
That capitalism sucked, we didn't even have to discuss. He was against capitalism and had lost faith in the Tolstoyan idea of moral self-development.
don't come back no more
Distasteful ugly and cheap
This is how you make me feel
Capitalism stole my virginity

Robbed of our bleeding hearts
tra-la-la-la, tra-la-la-la
We're making the world safe for capitalism

Here we come with our candy and our guns
And our corporate muscle marches in behind us
Capitalism's, invisible, army
And it's fortress of deceit
These men will burn alive
But no-one will weep
And the day that we bomb langley,
how much fucking longer can this go on
How many more lives ruined and completely fucking wasted
To ensure there is no fate to capitalism or those
Capitalism, racism, sexism
The foundations of cock-rocking idealism

Exploiting, sucking, manipulating
The wisdom of a starry-eyed nation
have been multiplying faster then anticipated.
World domnination is a true reality we must face, it is...upon us.

Capitalism, Materialism,
on self-fulfilled circles
Personality hanged on a rope called capitalism
Organism breathing a life of false ecstasy

You shall die so many times before you perish
of capitalism and fears of environmental degeneration. The ozone depletion is a lie. A farce concocted by geniuses to cover up the tracks of wheels long set in
a world rewarding competition,
Ideology of capitalism
I never heard the voice of compassion
Yeah life consists of criticism

Creeping in (yeah)
s dear 

Like capitalism
Like communism 
Like lots of things
You've heard about 

And redneckers
They get us pissed 
And stupid stuff
It makes us
while 3/4 of the human race are living in extreme poverty while 3/4 of the human race are dying in extreme poverty in the strangehold of capitalism some
It's capitalism at its best
People living neck to neck
Their glass buildings won't fall on their own
So we should be throwing stones!

In the city
the added illusion of audience participation. Our act tonight, on the left, capitalism that's right, on the right, capitalism is it, in the middle, probably
There is a spectre haunting capitalism
In its last and dying phase
It's a nightmare on wall st.
We'll take a pint of blood for every dollar they
to get ahead they start frontin
Capitalism -- the system of pimps and hoes
I'm sorry that's the way it goes
In this particular system everyone's a slave
Everything now has got to be nailed to the floor

So much for capitalism, so much for materialism
Every penny now has got to be earned
Everyone has got
intertwined in color, in race
Discrimination and exploitation 
Feed into each other today, 
Under global capitalism
We are back to primitive accumulation
Capitalism makes you free?
This is no Democracy
We have no Humanity
Not in this society
The disease of Greed affects us,
I think it always has
There is not an image that I must defend
There are no art forms now, just capitalism
So send the National Guard to the Mall of America

And they can
Of international militarism (we are at war!)
Racism, and imperialism (we are at war!)
And an unworkable capitalism (we are at war!)
That makes the rich richer
Compassionless capitalism, 
Fraudulent wargasm. 
We're happy little proles 
And we're on our way to work. 
We're happy little proles 
And we're on out way

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