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And trees and rocks 
And rocks and trees 
And trees and rocks 
And rocks and trees 
And trees and rocks 
And water 

In Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada
Tell me, what's a Douglas fir?
Bet you never heard a bobcat purr
Have you ever seen a lobster crawl?
It's Canada Day up Canada Way on the first day of July.
And we're shouting hooray up Canada Way when the maple leaf flies high.
Where the silver
Canada in springtime, daffodils beneath the sun,
Cheer up says the robin for your love has just begun
Canada in spring, Canada in love

I will
was almost to sweet Canada's Border
When he ran into a man who was high
On Gun powder and a federal order
That says you've got to fight and die

Welcome to Canada, it's the Maple Leaf State.
Canada, oh Canada it's great!
The people are nice and they speak French too.
If you don't like it,
lying if I said I didn't want to start again

My friend

You're leaving me high and Canada dry
I'm out of your head and I'm losing my mind
of my dreams
The mountain, river and streams
Big wheels spinning, talking 'bout my home

Up in Canada, blazing guns for the truth
Up in Canada, three
Calling all sexual predators, calling all sexual predators, come to Canada and rape, come to Canada and rape 3-5, 3-5 , 3-5, if ya murder and torture

Traveling overseas
I'm missing my sweet pea
Airports and handkerchiefs and broken families

On the bridge to Canada
I wish you'd fall but
(Oh Canada we stand on guard, for thee)
I told this god where I was from
He said oh, Canada
Kinda laughs it off, real funny huh?
Yeah, uh, come
A look out California
Ooo-ooo, I gotta warn ya
Here comes Canada

Canada, you got an open door
You got so many things
I swear, I never saw them
I'm not scared of waking up
I'm not afraid of getting cut
'Cause you can't take that stuff to canada
You can't take it anywhere

You could la la

Hot dice keep rolling
Try to lose our nothin'
Now familiar, now forgotten
To get the prize
Forget the song
We're here and gone

But Canada's not what she used to be
Boycott the war
Well she could not afford to
Thanks to the new American queen

Swim with me and we'll escape
Away wi' Canada's muddy creeks
And Canada's fields of pine
Your land of wheat is a goodly land,
But oh, it is not mine
The heathy hill,
and toothless

Cigarette advertisement country
Wild and perfect, but lacking something
In Manitoba they called it boring
At night we hum to Canada's snoring
¡Adiós, pampa mía! 
Me voy, me voy a tierras extrañas
Adiós, caminos que he recorrido
Ríos, montes y cañadas
Tapera donde he nacido
Si no
Fais-toi z’en pas pour moi, chu né comme ça 
Une tête heureuse au Canada 
Stephen Harper, je le r’mercie encore 
J’me sens tout économique 
Nos retrouvailles
Canada dry
Ne sont qu'un feu de paille
Qui ne reprendra jamais
Nos retrouvailles
Canada dry
Vaudrait mieux que je m'en aille
piccolina in Canada
con vasche, pesciolini e tanti fiori di lillà,
e tutte le ragazze che passavano di là
dicevano: "Che bella la casetta in Canada"!

Ma un
Oleana, via Del Norte, O Canada
It was snowtime, it was showtime, it was no time
To be lost in downtown Toronto
It was wintertime, ‘round
Paris' rooftops were lovely to see
Switzerland's vertical landscape
Crossed my mind's eye just now
Canada's shoreline has been calling out to me

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