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Gangs im Club
Çüs Junge ich komm gar nicht mehr klar
Der Club is' voll ich hab den Club-Club-Bang am Start
Der Song für die Ladys und und Männer am
I don't always do what I should
But I do what I gotta do
You've been at the bottom, you see the hunger inside of you
Don't say what you won't do

If I let you spend the night it's Cus I fuck witchu
Midnight at the beach I'm tryna vibe witchu 
FaceTime late night I'm tryna talk to you
If I
[DJ Quik:]
Ay, come here miss lady
Check it out, well meet me half way there now
Damn, check this, look
I already know your name is Sheila
Cus I
Baby wait for me for me
점점 더 스며들어 넌
Hocus pocus

홀린 듯한 두 눈이 나를 향한 너의 눈이
모든 걸 말해줘 you want me

도도하게 달콤하게 흔들어
너넌너넌 애써

Hocus pocus-cus-cus
Okey okey oke, baby, calm down mami,
por qué no nos vamos a la bahía un ratito, a estar juntitos,
Okey comeon, vámonos

Cus baby i m on your side,
never starving

Moruk sagt çüş (çüş)
Wir haben kein Limit (wir haben kein Limit)
Kahba sagt çüş (çüş)
Wir haben kein Limit (wir haben kein Limit)
a second), were is the sack
You don't have to ask no questions just jump in the back
And leave your strap, cus there ain't none of that
Were we goin', it
Oluwa lo seyi oooooh
You know, you know, you don’t know

Gimme love o
Baby gimme make I calm down
Gimme love o, cus I really need it right now
I think that I'm in lust yuh (yeah yeah!)
Yeah man I know I don't love her 
But dang you know that I want her 
Cus I'm in lust yeah (you in lust, you
But really my enemy (me me me) 
Why you want to mess with me 
Cus I got Mentalor 
I'll mess you up like that lady in Mallas 
that's childish
a love inside my mind
What it takes to hold, a heart worth more than gold.

(Cus I know) I know you feel the pain
(When I go) and leave in pouring rain
Couse it’s never with you - I’m lost
No it’s never with you - I rush
Cus’ it’s always been you - I trust
Yeah it’s always been you
It’s always been
Now we tried to fix it up
But its too late
Lets give up had enough
No more mistakes
Here we go, here we go
Cus you cant see where I'm coming
you - by your side.

[ chorus ]
She a rider, she a mothafuckin shooter,
She said daddie I won't let these niggas do ya,
Cus I'm ( by your side )
& if
You're a Freak
You got your woman's hair
so skinny your bones are bare the people all look and stare cus you're a freak
You wear your mama's dress so
There's nothing left if you comply

They will be sorry
cus we will remember forever
Over and over
Repeating the past like the others
Oh, this is
im too invested shorty 
nu vibe on bob marley 
movin ozarks like marty
march birthdays aint for me
cant be frontin cus she backin it up 
all action
With you is where I'm suppose to be 
so cure my curiosity 
baby give me what i need 
cus you the drug and I'm the Fien 
so take me where
tired of believing You
I never get tired of trying to breakthrough
I just get tired of myself sometimes
Cus' you know that it's so easy to be human
It just be the come up
Rhyming so relentless heaven sent yes I ain't done nah 
Why with ease invent this cus my knowledge be so endless 
Socrates be
out here laying pavement
I know the game is meant to play me futuristic slavery
But your master don't phase me

Cus' I rather do it on my own
Cus' I
I see you what's good
Tell me if I ain't this bad
Cus I ain't yet moving on
While this thing is going on
Tell me what to do with you this time

'cus I chose her
I grabbed her hand, I took her backstage with me
We tore it off my friend, now she's yours again

I'm like the Big Bad Wolf

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