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read it in your diary
Your spirit, your bat, and your crotch, all fiery
Bash Brothers, fast lovers
We be fuckin' faster than chattering teeth
On a long and winding grey paved street
Your breath the only friend
Chattering others surrounding you
You're going out again
It's a laugh
free-- and once you ignore those chattering teeth, easy you can breath. It's a cruel world, it never stops frighteningly. All push and pull
And when you shut that mouth
Those chattering teeth lose my sympathy
Got a lot to say?
You've gotta leave it out of the game you play
Nothing you say
and chattering and chilly on a damp November afternoon
On tracks 1 and 2
And 12 and 13
On that ribbon spinning and computer colors
Tick tacks on round wire
Chit chit chattering hear your voice in the room
But the noise between us hides you from my view
Chit chit chattering as I quiver inside
Through long December nights we talk in words of rain or snow
While you, through chattering teeth, reply and curse us as you go.
Why not spare
Being only in her Blouse

Pattering through the attic

Chattering in the cellar

Clattering in the kitchen

Flattering in the bedroom
endless chattering
Like everything is fine
When sorry is not good enough
Sit in the back while no-one drives

So glad, so glad you're mine
So glad, so
flat on his
Back on the beach
In the freezing sand
Heard the blind men
Heard the blind men
Somewhere far
In the distance
The voices in my head 

My mind is silenced 
by the talking heads
Chattering at me 
with every waking breath
My eyes are a sight below 
These voices I can't
She sang like an angel
To the chattering plates
But your pimp and your pusher
You both thought were great

Well, you earned enough money
To pay
favorite song
Gyrating waistline clapping hands
Like (chattering)
We dance on baby girl its here tonight
Who make your body go left to right
Who slinks along branched patterns heightens call of coaltit small
Hover over river
Diving, writhing, gnattring chiff chaff chattering
in life
I will go complaining and chattering
To far in the west
I'll take a trip to Aron
To the young woman who has tormented my heart
top of the world

Y'all like bitches, the chit-chattering
Stay not liking a nigga but giving dap to him
Hav' don't change for no chick, and they
top of the world

Y'all like bitches, the chit-chattering
Stay not liking a nigga but giving dap to him
Hav' don't change for no chick, and they
could have seen
I can feel the sunshine warm up
And every bird in the sky's a performer
A tingle tangle chittering and chattering
By the fountain
the chattering
Keep the voices from screaming
He was my whole world
He was my whole world

I can't stop watching my phone
Can't turn it off
What is wrong
gonna die, that's a promise, not a threat
Yeah, but I ain't with the chattering
'Cause I'd just rather splatter them
This is a Cartel gathering, what?
Is a place that I know well
It's the distance between us
And the space inside ourselves
And emptiness

Is the chattering in your
Precious moments to steal
Lets forget the chattering crowd 
And get down to what's really real.
Da da da da da da da
I'll put on something that will

"Like so many things I can't understand, they left my teeth chattering for more."
Peggy Cass, Aquarian Weekly

"Maestro! I say right on!"
the secretaries and typewriters chattering away
Chatter-chatter-chatter, chatter away
It ought to make you sick when you hear

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