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Montaigu, capulet
Mademoiselle Juliette ai
Merai faire la fête cham
Pagne a sabrer coca a décapsuler

Mademoiselle prend des aises
Ne pas se faire
keopiui sseun maseul araga

Siganeun cham ppareuge ga maeumman jogeuphaejyeo gago
Nae gyeote neoreul sangsanghae honjamanui yeonghwal jjigeo

Cham hit dem hard like mahogony, here we go!!! 

Heading for the top, hit dem when you drop 
Eyes on the prize so you know we can't stop
Paque tanto preocupacao
Si mi nada um ca tem
Mi nada um ca tem
Paque tenta maguam
A mi e pobre
E comfortado
Ca mal tadjado
Ca malcriado
Cham comforta
Ugh, Ehh, Uh!
(What, WHAT!) (What's bumpin', Baby Cham, Fox Brown) Uh!
Fox Brown, Baby Cham
Ugh, Kingston, Brooklyn, WHAT! Dave Kelly, Can't stop
[Foxy] Whoa
[Cham] A wha de blood claat do dem fool deh

[Foxy Brown]
Who the fuck told bitches they could do what I do
And all of a sudden all
Mae tair cam, i'r nefoedd tân
There are three steps, to fiery hell
Cam yn cham ymlaen
A step backwards, and a step forwards
Chwenhych car,
Uri orma maningayo cham oren shigani hulloneyo 
We jaku ne mami aphun gonji 
We guri apha hanayo hogshirado himdun il issonayo 
We amumar haji
[Baby Cham]
c'mon, c'mon

[Singer](Baby Cham)
You should know we want it all (uh huh)
Nothing in this world is free (uh huh)
That's why I'm
lookin' for me (Here I Am)
Attention to all of my best friends, and bootleggers hell yes Cham
Crush anyone up against him, ya lookin' for me (Here I Am)
Dig it!
Saturdays girls work in tescos and woolworths,
Wear cheap perfume cause its all they can afford,
Go to discos they drink baby cham talk
the whole a wi a share one sausage 
Suh every now & then mi send back a package (weh Cham seh) 
Some man mek it an a live a better life 
An don't
to make a blind man sing
Yo it's the cham-pan-yah, from the man with the bandanna
I can't stand a flute with anything but Santana
What's the first name in
Sipping on cham', diamonds on her hand
Taking cash, carrying drugs for her man
Driving around in a kitted up Jetta
Under the seat a automatic
bullet, shoot me through the head
You ask from where you standing, you must think I'm dead

It's law of the land when I say go, move by the plan
front to rear, party over here
So get your groove on as we move on bust the new song
Once again, it's on, pop the cham' dom
Busting those when we pull
[Intro: Baby Cham]
You got it for me leave a message on my phone she call me
She cry alot of tears nuh like a real salami
Listen up now shorty
a lot after sometin after union cityyyy 
In a couple of projects in NYC 

I remember those days when Hell was my home 
When Me and Mama bed
She A Do Duty Dance To The Matteran Song And A Say She Get The Thing Them From Baby Cham

Them Feel Say Tru Them Go A Church Them Sins
know a must silver cat 
fire fi are you paul fire fi x paul 
mi nah do nuh more song wid shawn paul 
alizade and baby cham a pure gal drink dem out
a money and sen in our own 
Now a we a lock the city and, that is well known 
Yesterday Mickey call me pan mi phone 
Mi say Mickey

[Chorus: Cham] 
Continuously we be gettin' freaky 
Rose petals cham-pag-nee come and see me
Positions run fluid honey ribbons create a quiver shivers  delivers
Ooh wee sweet
bottles of cham-p-aign
In love with the same stripper that sprung T-Pain
And all this Louis Vuitton shit ain't cheap mayn
Dog I can't keep sayin' G.O.O.D
my G-Ride
All you freaks out there

Coming round the block once again with my jam ride,
Cham is the man with love for the brown thighs and the but
She A Do Duty Dance To The Matteran Song And A Say She Get The Thing Them From Baby Cham

Them Feel Say Tru Them Go A Church Them Sins