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Words are not available inside the CD's booklet
This is the second cd
Released as be-side of "in too deep" single and "land of confusion" cd single, 1986.

[by M. Mussorgski]
[bonus track on CD]
[CD lyrics:]
Hello, welcome to our CD
Can you hear the blatant similarity?
To Linoleum and Shadows of Defeat

[Vinyl lyrics:]
Hello, welcome
Here's the kick off.
Hope your not sick of Relient K or all the songs we play.
Cause then you'll want to throw our CD away.
With every song on this CD
You will feel more and more compelled
To lose faith in yourself
And in everything around you
Voy a comprar un CD
Con todas esas canciones
Que nos hicieron sentir, 
Un huracán de emociones
Voy a querer recordar 
Cada minuto en tu vida
CD Repo Man
He can go where I can't go
CD Repo Man
He'll infiltrate your stereo
CD Repo Man
He'll sneak up around the back
CD Repo Man
Hablando en plata
Soñando en oro
Subiendo al cielo
Bajando al moro

CD's piratas
Chinos con rosas
Cuentos de hadas
Un funeral y cuatro bodas

We're sorry, your CD player will not faithfully reproduce track 7.  Please press pause and try again, and try again... and try again.
Wieso 30 Mark?
Wieso nicht? Ich meine, eine CD kostet 30 Mark.
Ja, was?
Die CD, das verstehe ich jetzt nicht, die CD ist die Weisheit, oder was?
Coke, dope, crack, smack, weed, E's and CD's 
They got it all for cheap

You should call me the best!

Damn son! Where'd ya find this?

[the first line is missing on the CD reissue]
Caledonia, mahoganies, elbows
Bring on Fatima
How long does the rain fall?
How long?
there is roundness, profoundness and soundness
And silence and violence and now there are trees
And CD's and disease
And now there is now
Now there is now
gonna play your CD's
I'm gonna be on you
And you're gonna be on me

Girl can you tell me what's on tonight
I'm coming to your crib
Have dinner by
only live once they told me
You can't be mad at me, I can just be G

Even though I got my own CD maybe even on t.v.
There ain't no changing me I can only
It's the jack off hour girl and you know it's WBALLZ
The number 1 station be a CD satellite
Breakin' you off into the early mornin' light
C7...=D5=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=B8  C7 =D5=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1==CD=B8        D7=3D THIS FIGURE MOVED UP TO        =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3     =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3  203=1A=
Embrace it if need be
(Violence in all hands, Embrace it if need be)
Livin' been warfare
I press it to CD
(Livin' been warfare, I press it to CD
Sony Walkman's,
Kodak 110's,
Analog TV's,

And 10 million CD's
No way to choose pain or desire
You're [misspellled as "Your're" in CD liner notes] a slave of hate
No way to escape
Repeating brainwashes
told me you would bring presents and treats (K-R-O-Q CD
Cheering my spirits with homemade sweet meats (K-R-O-Q CD

You told me
are cheaper
Reissue CDs, extra tracks
Second hand CDs are cheaper
Reissue CDs, extra tracks
Second hand records are cheaper
Reissue CDs have extra
illégalement et j'fais sauter mon disque dur
On va voler ton CD, on va cogner ton CD
J'mettrai ma bite dans la rondelle et on va violer ton CD
On va violer ton