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Words & Music By: Rick Denzien

living down here is so depressed i guess i didn't get much rest
the night they shot her down and killed her
Nzi busse eh
Démotivations et distractions
Nzi busse eh
Et si je vois la victoire qui m'attend
Je dois foncer
Et tout ces faux culs et ces p'tits
for short bussing
And if she real I'm finna take her out on tour busses

Last night I swore I dreamt I pushed the sport button
And made her come to me
dit rap det er en joke
Har gjort det her i over 25 år. Hvem er du?
Thomas T er mit navn Bumsestilen er mit crew

Napper gibbernakker med en
Decade ruller inn
I busses for finnet du typen Din
Golden Decade ruller inn
Ikke 22 cm? neivel forsvinn
Golden Decade ruller inn
I busses for finnet du
meg no titt ja vis meg no titt
Toppen av radison blue jeg er ikke redd for å falle
Natti natt busse-lalle
Toppen av radison blue jeg er ikke redd for
hungry let me pass on a stain 

Let me pass on a stain
Bout to pop a couple school busses sraight to the brain
Fuck 12 I'm switching lanes 
Its just me
wenn es das überhaupt gab
Ich starb in Buße
Gott stellte sich über mein Grab

Ich bin das Licht, bin die Kontur, das Schattenspiel, jede Struktur
Ich bin
willst Buße betreiben, dich vom Schmutz da befreien?
Ich hab dir vergeben, doch die Ursache bleibt
War wie geknebelt, es ist Schluss mit der Zeit
Ja du
I can't help but cry
Don't look in my eyes
Looking out my window
Nothing there to find
Can't help but decay
Each and everyday
Busses don't run here
kaputt - Bitches wolln Sex Sex Sex Sex
Alles kaputt - und während Bullen ihre Streife fahren
Kommen von uns Busse, Züge, Kranken- und auch Leichenwagen
Ja der Bulle wollt' mich ficken doch der Bulle ist ein Loser (Gang Gang Gang)
Bin wieder abgefuckt Dealer zu spät genau wie Busse (Wieder zu spät)
a couple kiss.

I hope this song finds you fame, I want school kids on busses singing your name.
Other girls went and other girls came, I can't get over
meine Chroniken fein
Ich flehe dich hier an meine Sünden zu verstehen
Ich knie wieder vor dir um sie mit Gründen zu versehen
Ich büße viel zu oft ich hab
I know some niggas that's locked up in the same bars
Hoping they get out them bitches and just obey laws
But they in busses to ship em back
and busses humming
Someone's cigarette - puffing

The city is breathing and everything has it's own beat
I can hear everything
Everyday it'll repeat
The city
Mira lo que me puse
No me gusta que se ensucié
En el estudio we making music
Si no contesto im sorry Excuse Me
Se quedaron se fueron los busses
And you know all the busses home from my place 
But I feel like a phony when you
Say you'll phone me

I love the way you, find your way
You find
over you
I don't really wanna say it
But if I do I ain't playin
You've really done something to me
I'll take them busses
And them aeroplanes
remember back then
I was looking for inspectors
Cah I was bunking these busses now I pull up in foreign that's thanks to the presser
Shotting in my sector,
Car show
Car show

Souped up old cop cars
Old timey sedans
Couple van busses
Old school bus

Car show
Car show

Souped up old cop cars
Old timey
To juggle our places

I didn't expect
To be here right now
Runnin them busses
To chop up the cow

I'm makin the stacks
To be walking around
ain’t bout money then it ain’t bout nothing
15 years old when I first started hustlin’
Trappin’ and cappin’ straight off of them busses
I don’t discuss
12 gauge if them ducks is quacking
Bus his ass like the busses passing
I want all the smoke, I'm puffing ashes
Cut the capping
Blew up with my team,

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