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up out them dungeons
Now we on the summit wit them big chops like Paul Bunyan
I move cross the country I got gridlock they ain't coming through
Uh (Uh)
Uh (Uh)
Uh (Uh)
Big dawg bout that money (Money)
Big dawg came through stunting (Oooo)
Chop a bit down, Paul Bunyan (Bunyan)
leave me out
I love drugs like I love moneys
I be chopping hoes down Paul Bunyan
I run these streets late night like a zombie
This shit bananas girl you
When I pull up yeah you know I'm stuntin'
Cause these bitches love niggas with money
I be flexing like I'm Paul Bunyan
Cause these bitches love
Когда я буду пьян
Я буду слушать Vashti Bunyan
Я буду слушать Vashti Bunyan
Я буду буду буду буду буду буду

Когда наступит следующий день
but we got the dough

You crying like onion, free Göran like Bunyan
We got the cheese, we did it with ease
I'm going nuts not talkin' bout deez
Put a hole in ya, now yo ass a Funyun
You talkin' shit but yo ass is funny
You taking shots Steph Curry, Paul Bunyan
But them skills ain't gon'
ripping me off I think it's
His girdle that's tipping me off Mike D's out back and he's growing 
Onions I've got bigger buns than my man Paul Bunyan's
bigger buns than my man Paul Bunyan's
I've been going nuts gettin' all cooped-up
Fully hermitizing but now I'm getting souped-up
It's time to turn the page
I'm Paul Bunyan got these bitches kissing touching
Like it's 2 am in London
2 am in London
Bitch we bout to function call your girls and let's get
I'ma go for the goal, I ain't puntin' (go)
Big giant in the game, Paul Bunyan (woah)
Niggas hate me 'cause all of their bitches love me (yeah)
to the Valley J
Oakland to San Jose 
Dubois to Bombay....
Staying Lit 
No apologies 

Smoking good weed 
Wit an OG
Paul Bunyan on the trees 
Jealousy Envy greed
take it come run you know I ain't wit da stuntin 
I'm standing tall like Paul Bunyan 
I'll swell you up like a bunyan 
And I know you don't want dat 
like a fast break dishing it
In the function with a cup of something
Full trunk, chop it up like Paul Bunyan
Talking numbers, cool it down keep it
Love the way she stunting
And the way they bumping
And the way she jumping
Busy doing jump man
Pull up and I spaz
Pull up
Pull out and I
buckshot till his tail twirled like a screw in the water, 
Which washed it backwards, and untangled the rack heap.
Bunyan and his river hogs, with their
Flexed up like I hit the brinks truck
Left her quick cuz she aint worth nothin'
Chop the small talk like I'm Paul Bunyan

(Yuh! yuh!)

Why you
Scandinavian or in search of Paul Bunyan

I came for the taper
I came for the tapeworm
Well, I came to get better

I'm in Minnesota again for the winter
Set 'em afloat on a Merchant's Boat, set sail for Johnny Appleseed 
Johnny planted the magic seeds. 
Botany, POOF!: Magic Trees 
Paul Bunyan said,
Axe that like Paul Bunyan, Meth prefers the gun instead
Bong bong, put a hole inside your head

We keep it rugged
We keep it rough
We keep it real
baseball money
Used to do it big, but now, bitch, I do it Paul Bunyan
Cincinnati Reds cap, skinny jeans, black Chucks
Hollywood shotgun, watch me make it
a bunyan
I'm B-S and you B-S
But I'm Brick Squad and you bullshit
Pistol like a chapporone
We goin' on a school trip
Places that you neva' seen
ball, money tall, Paul Bunyan
Real nigga shit, pussy niggas gon hate
Pound of the kush call that bitch pound cake
I hit it from the back
And make that
Axe that like Paul Bunyan, Meth prefers the gun instead
Bong bong, put a hole inside your head

We keep it rugged
We keep it rough
We keep it real

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