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the water fall
And hooray, hooray the sky is falling
Down on Bradbury's mall
Ole, ole, ole for Mulholland

All waxed in pride
I've got a comfortable
Vonnegut... Igual que Bradbury
Esta es mi receta secreta como en Ratatouille
No tienes donde meterte pues tal vez andas de suerte
Si te metes en mis frases te
It's a copper window 
Switch the clocks to Bradbury time 
It's the warmest of glows

October Country, the shadows of fall
Orange and yellows abound
될꺼라니까, 뭘 꼬라보냐고
진짜 피폐했던 삶을 바꿔 패피
물려받았어 우리 아빠한테 쎈 피
Bradbury, Bradbury
아닌데 금메달을 목에 걸었어
역사를 써나가지 14년도부터
2 pocket watchwinder 나도 꽉 채웠어
역시 내 방식이지 못 먹을게 없어
And they're all born and bred to fit this
Here they are!
They killed the Bradbury's Martians
Globalized and unified their lives 
Closed them in
(Charlotte Elliott - William Bradbury - Bill Walker)
« © '60 Lilac Tree Music, BMI »

Just as I am without one plea but that Thy
to go.
Drank 'till it all became something that we didn't know.

In Bradbury Heights.
Every song's a soul today.
Bradbury Heights.
Put the fog machines
Kazuro Ishiguro: Ah so, old chap!
Malcolm Bradbury: stroke John Steinbeck, stroke JD Salinger
Iain Banks: Too orangey for crows!
AS Byatt: Nine tenths
a Bradbury story spreadin' like a fire from hell
No I never met a lesson I didn't learn well

I get wound up and found up in places you'll never see
I was
Bradbury with a great throw, Sanchez wide open, then lost his balance at the final moment. The Spears, really turning on the heat now.
I'm son of
Futurists, science, skyscrapers and high speed
I've grown from
Bradbury, Orwell and Frank Lloyd Wright's seeds
But I'm tired
And I can hardly
Snatching shotgun Steven Bradbury
Hooning through the town, making me happy
Shout the boys a feed, doing it gladly 
Open the sat nav and chuck in
hast loved us, love us still.

Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,
Thou hast loved us, love us still.

Words: Dorothy A. Thrupp Music: William B. Bradbury
Faultless to stand before the throne!

Edward Mote & William B. Bradbury
Una mezcla de Isaac Asimov y Hermann Hesse
Un poco de Bradbury y otro poco de Orwell
Una cínica verdad es la ciencia-ficción
Paranoia, así se nombre
racconto di Bradbury, un film di Truffaut
Distopia, utopia un treno una ferrovia
Il web ha ucciso il punk
Rifugiamoci in un vecchio film della Nouvelle
Chiedi il cambia genere
Perdona queste iperboli, sto tra casa e Bradbury, l’estro regna Mercury
Volevi i versi eccoli
Cado nell’abisso, bramo il faro
for the watch
Get the Guap
Get the top
And a motherfucker grind
Only seeing green
So you know I don't stop
No Bradbury, cause I was made for this 
That is what you love, love to call de police

B.Dynamics and your f**king dogs
While the sea
And the mountains crying in the fog
And perhaps
Reviento el micro el diapasón
La vida es una metáfora, una góndola
La paciencia es un camino de pólvora
Los cuentos de Canterbury, crónicas de Bradbury
No es
Bradbury future shock me
Hollywood yeah future shock me
Science fiction future shock me
Soy-lent green yeah future shock me

Saw it on the scary movies
take a minute till I love your style
A Bradbury, Rocky comeback won't be good enough
I know you like to think your skin is tough
But I know deep down you
el umpire
Y represento a toda una generación como Tobey Maguire

Puedo ver el futuro soy todo un visionario
Soy el Ray Bradbury del puto vecindario
It's like Clockwork Orange meets Ray Bradbury
It's unnecessary to struggle, you're fated to win
But till you beat Bowser you stay strapped in

I wanna

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