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[Layzie Bone talking]
Bone enterprise orignization
Playas of the nation
So pass the pussy on the left hand side, right

[All singing together]
an eye for an eye
Equal and opposite reaction
When you’re making
Them bones subtracting them other
Bones and the cartilage and the
Joints get swole
the longer you wait,
What good is a future
When half your bones are fake?
As it just gets more painful
You trivialize
The things that you are and the things
an alchy and you know it, take a swig
Now take a muthafuckin' gulp for the Bones, swig it
Hog it, dog it, or just leave that shit alone
I gotta get my buzz
the people behind you

Stay cool, learn to swim
nah, fam, you're not too heavy
your bones are not too dense
Pennywise was tight
in the end, everyone floats
on the move
With joints that let me twist and bend
My bones are in a groove
They're keeping up my blood supply
And marrow is the reason why
My bones are not
kinda wise
As we try to research truth inside this library of lies

Eric wants to live off his wits and the land
He's hangin' out with a joint in his hand
the pussy on the left hand side
Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone
Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone

[Chorus: x2]
Pussies like a joint me hit the shit
deliver them bones

And I've got a lorry, it's me own bone shaker
Where's there old knuckle joints, I'll be the undertaker
I'll come calling 'round just
[Playa] Yeah, ha ha ha
[Playa] Yeah tell 'em what time it is
[Bizzy] Bone Bone Bone Bone - it's Playalitical (it's Playalitical)
[Bizzy] And Bizzy
shattered every bone, and they left him there dead

That's the freedom that you sold. That's the freedom that we bought
That's the story of a life of somebody
Internal Examination:
The life form's skeletal structure is similar to that of a human, although the bones are much thinner and more fragile. The heart is
and flexible.
Internal Examination:
The life form's skeletal structure is similar to that of a human, although the bones are much thinner and more fragile.
the joint, Roll up the joint)
For those who have fear of the heights
My bones respond me
And they want to move out
I'm feeling that the wave is calling me in
hock your imaginary guitar
and get a good job...Joe did, and he's a happy guy now, on the day shift at
the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, arrogantly
a few so called rulers
But only after a joint or two
That's why it's mine, I'm mad known
That other rappers just another king that I had to dethrone
Rap Crypto y'all know bitcoin / I wanna thank you for checking out this joint
See I'm vandal - the token rapper / and this right here is a brand new
tens, red bones, and yellow Bones like the Catalunya flag.
Shit's gonnaget messi like Barcelona.
I wanna be a partial owner.
Fuck the 15%, cause if I
champagne like soda, poppin' red bitches like cola
Trunk beat like Eardrummers
Sremm killed the haters, God bless 'em
Mothafuckas still all in my bone
and crime
Do some research if you don't believe me
But that pill won't be easy
This for my people
From keiki to Kupuna
Let's build a better future
I bring the party with a joint

Happy to the bone lo que al mundo conviene
Cuando lleno el bong todo el ambiente jiede
Mas si es de la strong o la
the G's
Plunder Brothers here get down on your knees
Hands up
Everybody freeze
Hit up your joint withdraw the green
Timing impeccable
Getaway clean
shit goes crazy no one is gon be there

I take all of my pain then i sip it in and bone 
The trophy we dey Chase tell ma mum its coming home
Am Kinda new
Couple cornrows, go grill to the label
I'ma need a whole meal 'cause
These rappers just dessert
Started from the bottom like
I'm puttin' pants

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