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A couple years later we blossomed
You wanna get close to me
Your body is set like it's supposed to be
But you want control of me
When you just a hoe to me
Beyond the storm
I saw a sprout
That blossomed with sunshine and joy
Made me feel like a little boy again

Beyond the storm
I saw a sprout
And it
find a way to speak to Me 
And I'll listen it is for you that I'll listen

Bloom, blossom, blossom just bloom, yeah You've blossomed my friend
an afterthought that blossomed in the shade
It blossomed in the shade

It's an egg, it's an egg
It's a fire truck with purple tube decay
It's an egg, it's an egg
of the night, our love blossomed too
I thought, "Oh, what if he proposes?"
By the evening primroses

Where barnyard owls stir
Where petals every eve recur
and emptyhanded
And you don't think you deserve to be found

I would water you until you blossomed
I could be everything he wasn't

I may not be a crack up, or have
into swappin
Being me awesome, being you suck
Being me awesome
Take off I lost em
Look how I blossomed
Look how I
Look how I'm awesome
Look how I
must've forgotten
Said it's in the past all because this nigga done blossomed

Came straight from the bottom
Had too many problems
Felt like I would blow
that we were
All that I could see
We blossomed too
We blossomed too
We blossomed too
We blossomed too
you let it go
So where can i go to grow
I I Ive been torn
Blossomed from a rose thorn
I I Ive been torn
Blossomed from a rose thorn
I search for
As people often do,
But it blossomed, yes, it blossomed
Into something I never knew.
Now... It is in the past.
They said it would never last.
some old soldier
His ancient pride was burnt and shaken
But something deep inside did waken
He raised his limbs just like Moses

And blossomed roses
but I can't stop
My heart is racing and right is pacing on your mind, it's way to much
To feel we've lost something that blossomed out of nowhere, it's
can feel it in my cells
No more negativity
I’m looking out for my own health
Built myself up from the bottom
Like a flower, yeah I blossomed
Now I’m
Deja, deja vu, another note I leave for you
There's nothing new with the horses or the gate
That we painted back in June, oh, the lilies blossomed
Banana clip in the K and Imma peel it
Didn't believe in a nigga until I blossomed
In the comments you typing you saying awesome
They gon think that I'm
came the Kaptain my trap was moving the slowest...
I just kept on grinding my shit blossomed like a lotus...
Pull up wit that gas Bambino prices
been through 
Blossomed and turned into something new 
You are a God of change 
You are a God of change

The most tender of whispers is calling, guiding
as me
So caption this

Shadow face, shining work of art
Dusted place, blossomed in my heart
Flawless, brilliant, but all I do is working for the perfect
I just Blossomed
Tryin figure out what's next
It's like my chemicals is tellin me to call my ex
Same chemicals that's tellin me I gotta surf the net
at the dancing trees

I am glad I feel spring in your eyes
Take my hand and we’ll go
The magnolia tree has blossomed again
Just like it did over all these years
Then the flows coming oh buddy holly hell behold
We got one baby
This a hot one baby
I done blossomed lately
Bouta drop som crazy
You get lost in
This dream has blossomed

This dream has blossomed and wilted away
of because you know it's you

Another fraying jumper
Another person's brother
Cold in the night, it is autumn
And the cedars never blossomed

Tried looking

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