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bad, she bad, she bad, she bad
Gucci bag, Gucci bag, Gucci bag, Fendi bag
Prada bag, Louis bag, Gucci bag, Gucci bag
Birkin bag, she in the bag, she
Yeah they know what's up
Where all the girls at?
With the Birkin bags and the big house
The Mercedes Benz with the tits out
When they hear this
Money problems everybody got those
But now a days we don't got those
Birkin bag all my bitches got those
No chanel everybody got those
Wheezy outta here

I know my purpose
European car, it came with curtains (Yeah)
I have a daughter, I'm buying her baby Birkin (Baby Birkin
Phenom Da Don nigga

My bitches, bad (Bitch!)
And she ain't going for that (Naw!)
Got every color Birkin bag (Every color)
Just to make them
I need the cash the mula the yen
I need the bag the bag from within
I need the green you can't come between
Cus I'm in my bag I'm in my Birkin
I need
so icy
When Kim come through, they get spicy
You know my niggas be, spicy
And all my bitches be, spicy
Red Birkin, red bottoms so spicy
The team
Don't worry, baby, I keep me some fire
Shenenehs and Birkins, she cannot decide
The latest Mercedes, her go-to surprise
Don't sleep on miss lady, her
Birkins and piranhas
Rockstar wasted like Nirvana

Bad bitch with a body
I'ma make her call me papi
Niggas gettin' out they body
Fuck the opps, they

Chanel fur, no top (yeah)
Rockin' the Birkin bag (yeah)
Feel like Lil' Kim (yeah)
Swervin' in a Jag (yeah)
Chanel fur, no top (yeah)
on Crip, blue strip hunnids (strip hunnids)
Just bought a bitch a Birkin, she loved it (she loved it)
Ay, fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it (ay, fuck it)
got mollies, what you tryin' to spend?

50K for a show and my niggas sellin' swag
She's a red bottom bitch Versace shirt, Birkin bag
I'm a get money
from LA, snort a Birkin a day
Squirt when she work 'less you skeet in her face
And her hips make her look like she walkin' in place (wow)

Pull out
make it twerk for me (twerk)
You get a purse from me (whoa whoa)
Eighty thousand dollars for her Birkin (eighty thousand)
You get a verse for free
promise you'll get stabbed
I told her I go nast'
I give 'em lifetime splash
I told her I got crops
That big, big Birkin bag (that Birk')

I whipped up
criminals, scandalous
Rockin' Chanel, then you the bitch
I got me a Birkin like I'm a bitch
These niggas they tellin', they counterfeit

Put that fuckboy
I'm going all out if it's 'bout mine
I'm getting my shine on, I been on my grind
Feel like I'm different, I'm one of a kind
Buy her a Birkin bag,
them blessings on myself
Donatello, that's a killer, I smoke purple out the shelf
She want Birkin, she want, Gucci purse, she want Chanel, got it

want Chanel, go get it
She want this Fendi, go get it
She want a Birkin, go get it
She want this Gucci, she get it
She want this Louis, go get it
'cause I earned it
And I just bought my broad Birkin
I paid 85 for it, she deserved it
I nutted on her lip, yeah, we was flirtin'
She want me to fuck,
I just gotta praise

Ayy, know your worth (worth)
Young multi-millionaire from the dirt (I am)
Bitch say she wanna Birkin, know your worth
bitch Versace shirt, Birkin bag
I'm a get money nigga don't use the card, or keep a tab
Before I leave my fucking house grab my pistol and my flag
things for certain
Carry that nine on me like it's a Birkin
I won't go in the club if I know that they searchin'
I love the attention, I took off
Bentley, up my inches (Forgis, hey)
My bitch, she only want a Birkin to match her interest (Birkin, Birkin)
Time to get up my bag and get on a mission

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