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These boys is coming straight out of southeast Texas (South Texas, yeah)
Hotter than chicken grease (Woo!)

My niggas takin' over
BROCKHAMPTON, call your momma
My niggas goin' platinum
Break neck, send you to the doctor

Best boy band since One
and I don't give a damn
Smoke some shit straight outta Alice in Wonderland
Brockhampton the clan, bitch I ain't your man
Like they're stacking just
Allowances off these college kids
BROCKHAMPTON thicker than the Wayans man
I'm an asshole, run up in su casa
And dun dun dun dun da da dun dun
swear when I met you, it started to make sense
And I’ve been listening to Brockhampton
Since summer began

How can you bе so sure
That you and I are nevеr
mam tyle siły co Samson nie mam tyle IQ na Stanford
Nie mam tyle kwitu co Sam Walton więc możesz mówić mi Dumbo
Ej Brockhampton dla mnie tylko sorry
keep steppin
Brockhampton box set
Yeah I had to cop that 
Know a couple people 
Been tryna suck my nutsack
Got hella Preme 
Not a single box logo 
BROCKHAMPTON quit with dat caps lock
Logic, yo, Spiderman's red
Tupac, you're dead

Yo my rhymes a project in Manhattan
I drop the mic on you, like boy what's
to some. I've got no issues with that view
See, the issue is, is that I'm included in that few
I wanna pull a Brockhampton, move to Cali-forn-i-a
Shit, I'll
I want the winter to fall
I want the summer to spring
Sounding like McLennon
My man that's Brockhampton
Rapping the the real into light
Did it
(I’m alright!)

Пока на улице снег стелет и медленно тает
В колонках BROCKHAMPTON стелет и медленный thai
Я улетаю
Лечу по касательной к самому раю
on the track and I beat on my chest
Solo Romo homo but I still flex
Pink and black, but I bet you'll respect
I wish I did have my own gang
about everything that you do 
Then I then I

Start to feel so bitter 
Thinking I prolly won't miss you 
Then I go on bumping Brockhampton 
Then I know I
moments I kinda missed this
That chit chatter with some matters of heart
A fan of fashion, Brockhampton visual art is how she makes it
But I keep picturing
lookin' for enemies, I got more friends than BROCKHAMPTON
They give me honest opinions, I don't deal with the gassin', man

Feelin' like I ain't shit
Morgen (bling)
Für die Mucke würd' ich sterben
Für die Homies würd' ich morden (woah)
Grüne Scheine in der Hose, ja (Cash)
Jimmy Kimmel does not wanna meet me
I told my manager, no more parties in Los Angeles
Last night I fell deeper than Brockhampton down a rabbit hole

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