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me, sanitize me, Ativan
(Ativan, my leading woman)
Is it all for nothing?
Is it all part of a plan?
Make my wish list, mind my business
Do the best
You can take that lean and Ativan 
Just to help you survive it
They won't be there in the end 

Invited you to the cinema 
You said you
But I still want to be gazed on by your Ativan eyes
Oh, cast an eye upon me

'Cause I'd sit and write to you about all this and nothing
And I,
And don't say no to pills,
Ativan won't kill.
You said, 'My life's like a bad movie,'
And I said, 'It's true of all us.'
You said, you said, 'I've got
Backed out the parking lot
Best not to let him know
Don't have my license yet
But I'll hit up the road
Driving on Ativan
Long as I don't have any
Dicen que la morfina es muy buena pa' olvidar aunque sería mejor que vuelvas
Pués el ativán no resulta y la aspirina me hace mal

Ya sé que no traigo
Dicen que la morfina es muy buena pa' olvidar aunque sería mejor que vuelvas
Pués el ativán no resulta y la aspirina me hace mal

Ya sé que no traigo
Yo! Listen
Afghanistan, bombed out, depleted
I'm weeded, needin' an Ativan
Run up on a rapper when rappin', that's when I slap a fan
Bone-crunch you
You worry about your mother, you watch a couple movies, you take an Ativan
You walk down a Rapid City street alone
And at night there's a pink
of the papercuts
The doctor says slow down maybe later buts
40 milligrams, a 40 and I'm faded
This world is crazy so I stay medicated
Percocet, ativan
mayor de alcance 
tú eres juez, víctima, verdugo y cárcel
Litio, benzodiacepinas, barbitúricos
tan sólo diré adios cuando me hagas público
Ativan and get inside the company van
That was parked on the dock at the edge of the land
Pop a hundred milligrams of Diazepam
Wash it down with a Faxe 10
nobody can check
Give it up to di don baby

Through di balls ah yuh feet can't hol' yuh down
Light tun' green can't slow yuh down
Like when Ativan soothes
to blow (whew) like the Taliban
In demand (yeah)
Make em move like a marching band
Sonic boom get it popping I don't need no Ativan (I don't need no)
make enough dopamine
Liquor molly marijuana cocaine and codeine
I only do dope cause I don't make enough dopamine

Couldn't stop shaking took an Ativan
Zithromax, Avelox, Flexeril, Topamax
Prozac, Ativan, Adderall, I take 'em all

I ain't goin' nowhere, man
Never gonna go nowhere
I'm cuttin' my own hair, man
même le moyen de te trouver belle quand t’es fâchée

Des fois je me demande si j’ai encore ma tête
Une bouteille d’Ativans sur le bord d’la fenêtre
of the nerves, I call her Ativan
Gonna leave you on read just like The Anchorman
Doin' lines with zeros, Lindsay Lohan

Bad bitch got feelings, she don't catch
Anywhere that you go, there's a pulpit and a preacher
Anywhere that you go

Dozed on Ativan, I was out of my mind
Please, you don't know the truth

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