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AmmonAmmon Tharp 


The library is silent and still as
Ammon and Mira study at worn tables
Old Hirada their tutor sleeps soundly
Would he even notice if they just left
Upon his rain soaked horse
Ammon appears at the front gates
Hirada and two templars await his arrival
Ammon reveals Mira's plight and the loss
Devoid of his payment
Tel Arnath grins as a bone dagger
Is arcanely wielded
And driven into Rerek's side
Ammon screams in agony
A mix of blood and demonic
I am the beast of war, for my king
Idol of the sons of Ammon
I am the flash of red, for Moloch
Abomination of Ammon
I am the thrill of the kill, for
This son bears the mark of the serpent
Upon his chest
Ammon his name
A consequence of shame
He is abandoned

Upon the doorsteps of a temple
An infant
be spared
The fate of the world rests in their hands
Ammon and Rerek and The Order of Ra
With the remaining soldiers prepare for battle
Upon the dark
Ammons inside me 
I borrowed a piano and took my time
I thought about another king to guide me
Yalk about boogie on a piano
There ain't a man to beat
Gene Ammons was playing
In the background, he was talking, I was praying
Our Father, take care of my father
As far as he went, may I go farther
[Vinnie Paz]
Yeah, I built with Alexander the Great
He told the Persians they should stay gone
Then he told me about the Oracle of Ammon
He gave me
Never been a rat but I get to the cheese
Running this bag up until my feet bleed
Lame ass niggas ain't nothing like me
G I joe we load up the Ammon
take off all your undergarments
Your minds fertile, I might fornicate with your unconscious
Half man, half goat with the Horns of Jupitor-ammon
and accept your fate
A sacrifice for unending life
The eternal night is upon you

Ammon gallops across the plains
Tel Arnath bears forth from his tomb
One last breath before the storm
Ammon comes before Ra's champions
Inner conflict is what stays their blades

Within the citadel a meeting convenes
the stars are fucking clones
I'm Sirius, you hear the moans
Watch me in my zone
I'm taking over the throne
I'm a grown decepticon 
And I'm angrier then Ammon
The Silent Watcher stalks, behold the Sentinels of Karnak!

Thebes, Egypt (March 19, 1890)
Niut-ammon! Lucidity has reasserted its blessed hold upon me
(Sheppard/K. Gloia/A. Ammons)

Kiss me goodbye
This is harder than it has to be, did we even try
And everytime you look at me
Your eyes can see right

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