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El dinero me habla loco que le vamo' hacer
Me dice KAKTOV está subiendo American Express

(Amex, Amex, Amex, Amex)
(Me dice KAKTOV está subiendo
Leurs grandes gueules sous mes baskets

Waterproof, comme ta Rolex
Comme ton imper et ton Amex
Je reste cool je vais m'en remettre
Je suis
acheter avec une Amex, Amex, Amex

Enfile ta paire de Converse et on ride, on ride, on ride
On peut tout acheter avec une Amex, Amex, Amex
on me
You feel all on me
You you really must want me

I don't do much to impress em
I just AMEX my affection
I just express with expression
I just invest
Please mr. Bouncer, it's just me and my friends
We didn't know it cost money to get in
We spent all the cash, our AMEX's declined
But we turn
My Amex and Mastercards
I got new money
And it's all cash
I got new bags
And they all collabs

I rubber band a bunch of thousand dollar Delta
There’s no limit on my AMEX

There’s no limit on my AMEX
You and me, we are not just friends
Cause I’ve licked up your body, baby
Friends don’t
a few notes and its mine for ten bucks
Hey look, buy one beat get one free plus guaranteed sluts
Just pop out the amex
Yeah i got an amex
Cuz i applied
pulso patek, no outro Rolex 
Assino esse check, papel ilimitado, riscando Amex 


Calma mo cheguei 
Jogador caro da NBA 
Tipo V Carter enterro
nem vou te esperar, eu ja vou bolar, esperando ce chegar

mantem ficar flex, com meu amex
paguei usando aquele velho card black
alem de tu, nao vejo
merk' es
Weil ich dann nicht nur noch Angst hab', dass der Schmerz mich fickt

Was für Paysafe? Zahle nur noch Amex
Bin umgeben von Hyänen, alles Fake
problem, got expensive taste
Bustdown Patek with the expensive face
Gotta get me ice, if he tryna skate
Gotta swipe the Amex if we go on a date (uh)
models like I'm pro-New Orleans
But shawty I'm far from a saint but I got two A-mex's that look the same way
Wale, D.C. that's me huh, my Prada say Prada
Pharrell on Mars with my fellow stars
I'm like lightning striking on a metal rod
Say "Hello, God" on the double bars
So dammit, Amex, I got a yellow card
"Pay the bar",
Stop trippin', that pussy got a nigga hard,
And the Am-Ex card, blacker than my nigga 'Kon


You can believe that, I'll be
nell'iphone quattro in tasca
E piuttosto che al dettaglio, sebastian ingrosso

Con l'amex nera e visa oro che la schiangano
Due mezze filippine in philippe
AMEX had a limit in the past
I had plenty women in the past
I done plenty sinnin' in the past
You don't need to know, but you can ask
man, I got that black Amex wit me
Aka that throw it the bag card, yeah!

Now I know you ain't over there starin' at my girl
Yeah I know you ain't
man, I got that black Amex wit me
Aka that throw it the bag card, yeah!

Now I know you ain't over there starin' at my girl
Yeah I know you ain't
sack figures
Hit the spa, full body message (Mmm)
Twist up the herbs with the Bigg Snoop Dogg (Ahh)
I light traveler's checks and Amex cards

like shashasha, shashasha
I got your bitch singing like lalala, lalala
How I stride like that

Amex, no cap, eight hundred score
They wonder how,
girls, pretty, but they booty flat
Teenage males, couldn't tell, I was going through
And had a wallet full of cream, Amex Green, Beamer almost black
you say, "Go back"
I stay pro-black, my Amex black (ah)
Black like cornrows, afros
Black like Kaep' blackballed from the Superbowls (Colin)
me, and I don't like you either
You mad cause I'm stacked up, and you underachiever
You see the plat' Amex, you still fuck with Visas

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