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They just barbing their head as they wait for their star 
Who they waiting for kids Adp Triple A
That why they all been here Some still in the car
(I swear that your love is no good for me)
Youngboy, ADP

Yo, I see the trouble in her eyes
I don't want no drama, but you feel
Event horizons, ADP recharges
Know where you're standing and where you're calling from
Intracellular, exploding nebula  
On infinity road lies the path
Yeah, Yeah
ADP Got it Lit Ay
Brr, sksk, erer
I’m feeling something so I know I’m alive
They tried to kill me but I just won’t die
Issa cole world, so
Yeah, Yeah
ADP Got it Lit Ay
Brr, sksk erer!

I'm feeling something so I know I'm alive
They tried to kill me but I just won't die
Issa cole world,

Girl, take off your lingerie
We gon' have some fun today
All I need's a photo
Of you standing there with no clothes
Yeah, let's make

We never meet in the middle on anything
You are so selfish
Sick of your bullshit and your foolish ways
Girl that's real nigga
(Yo, ADP on this boy)

Don too cold, I like clothes
He like zoots, he like Benz
Always on road in a next man's ends
Tryna catch
it something like melly (Free Melly)
Big glocks I gotta keep the hamma tucked
ADP been on my ass but ion give a fuck
Cause I’m ready to buss, and I’m
J'vole des cookies j'pense
Qu'ils me sont dédiés 
J'arrive en costard, j'arrive tenue pro
C'est pour ADP, c'est pour efficio
L'équipe appréciait les cours
Still double check after them. Ima count it
Never forget using ADP
How you a boss? You was never employee
You never got up at 4 in the morning
with the facts
That's the 30-1 (30-1! 30-1!)

30-1 way (MD)
Yea we repping the gang (gang)
ADP, flows in my veins (veins)
You know they bout that propane
on stage without sympathy
African don't play I am repressive
Adp  From Africa To America To building a dream in a racing car without Breaks 
Speeding for
I gotta give a microphone to YG
I pull up wit Rihanna on a atv
You not a boss lil nigga checkin adp
Hit My HR up and get a job this week
She need
Flareon with the fire stone, always getting tired
Down with the bad decisions, always sick and in a spiral
Waking up with that party mouth, my ADP was
the reason you got a job 
Do or die you need me to survive ADP 
Only the strong survive The weak get laughs at 
Being broke is a joke 
Spit the cough out your
por toda cidade 

e o rasta por várias partes

 expande a arte proibida a AAP by Ranger 

Só lembrança do rolé de Danger Pois é tem Stilo ADP Bubu e
da tela dela é a comédia
Diz que tem um ""ADP"" sempre que eu falo com as branquelas
(Calma minha morena)
Meus vícios são maiores que cocaína e heroína
can Remember 
I've beeen selling dreams 
I be saying anything

My adp told me don't sell these dreams 
They don't mean a thing 
But the women they want
nell'androne mentre poi parlo di cose
Modalità aereo, scrivo l'intercettazione
Cambio quinto outfit
(Non lasciare mai le prove)
Bombe RS6 ADP, F se non sei
me ponga pa ti'
tengo el corazon ADP
en la tumba te hago pipi.


Andamo' en la calle modo buitre
andamo' andamo' en la calle modo bitre
swear he'd show me
How much times is you gon' lie? Boy, you showed me

(Yo, ADP on beats, boy)
(The Danger)
(ADP beat, boy)
(Double bang)

Y a les clients, le buteur, les sachets
Y a les condés, les perquises à six heures
Y a du Lacoste,
It sounds like Nyge

All-star in the booth (All-star)
Put VVS on my tooth (Bling blaow)
Come like I threw a celebrity cook-out
'Cause I got

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